Monday, December 28, 2015

Monsoon Season

As many of you know, it's been raining/storming around here.  In some places, the rain is now snow (Texas).  Well, this afternoon, the monsoon let up and the clouds broke.  What appeared in the sky?  God's promise to never flood the world again.,  Came close but no cigar!  LOL

Yep, that was a complete rainbow, side to side with a second partial bow above it.  Thanks Ethan for getting the panoramic photo for me.

The farm critters are all happy to see the rain quit, the poor chickens kept giving me the death stare this morning while wading thru the slop in the coop.  going to have to do something about that.  Can't have chickens swimming.....


  1. Despite all the rain, my hens stayed dry. Maybe you could throw some pallets in there. Or, put in bricks to elevate boards,

    1. Linda, I did put pallets in there. The amount of rain we got flooded the farm pretty much. Poor things didn't know what to do. Got a couple ideas for the coop, will work on them this weekend when I can do it in the light. This feeding twice a day in the dark thing sucks.

  2. Here's to a new year full of continued hope and faith for the future. Happy New Year!


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