Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lucky Goat Update

Thank you everyone for the well wishes and caring.  Losing Sis has been devastating for me.

It's dark in the barn.  I've got straw stuffed in every nook and cranny, trying to keep the biting cold wind from getting in.  Borrowed a salamander heater (k1) and had it going last night.  It wasn't running this morning so I don't know when it ran out of fuel.  I've got about a gallon of fuel left and it's relit and going again.  Just need to make it thru today then there's a 2 day warm up I can figure out how to get more k1 for the brutal cold coming next week.

Lucky was shivering bad, he's back off his feed.  He managed to get the sweatshirt mostly off so I got it the rest of the way off and he laid down in some straw.  I covered him with a blanket and by the end of chores, he was still laying with it.  He's bad congested and not a happy goat.  He did not drink any water for me.  I'm worried about it.


  1. Sad for Lucky and Lil Sister and you...hang in there...sent you a little donation. Pam in CO

    1. Thank you Pamit, Lucky drank a little bit for me tonite. I'm hoping the k1 lasts the night and if it's okay with you, I'm going to use your gift to get more. Linda, I talked to an old farmer in the neighborhood and he says give Lucky apple cider vinegar so he's going to be dosed heavy in the morning. Wish I could bring him inside, he's a 200lb goat and he can do some damage when I'm gone to work! He's in his blanket tonite out in the barn with the herd.

  2. Can you bring Lucky into the house? Can you give a goat human medicine? I am thinking about generic Mucinex for coughs only.

  3. Of course you use the $$ for whatever you need! Gosh I didn't realize Lucky was so big. Sending good wishes...


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