Sunday, January 4, 2015


It's been a while but my head is back to where it should be and I'm back on track with actually thinking about my lifestyle everyday instead of all the insignificant worries that seemed like they overtook my thoughts.

Today was laundry soap day. I prefer the powder to the liquid since it makes less of a mess and lately, I always seem like I never have enough time to do anything leisurely, LOL So, I grated up some of the heavy duty home made soap, added in some washing powder and some borax. I do a 4:1 ratio type recipe, a cup of grated soap to 2 cups of borax, 2 cups of washing powder. It does the job. My intention this morning was to go ahead and whip out another batch of goats milk soap but time got the better of me and it didn't happen. Not enough left before I head out to the off farm job. “sigh”

It's sleeting at the moment, the roads should be in dandy shape for the drive to work!

Oh, deja vu.... I pulled a tooth out last night! This one has been giving me trouble since Labor Day with plenty of sleepless nights due to horrible, inescapable pain. There is no pain on earth like tooth pain. What depresses me is the tooth wasn't rotten or defective in any way. No holes. Just something that has happened since the spinal fusion. They just start getting loose, then if I'm really “lucky”, they get a nice gum infection around them, cause me horrible pain and then, after the swelling goes down, I can pull them out. A little blood, a little discomfort while the socket heals and it's all over with. Guess I'm just going to end up toothless one day. That's alright I guess, adapt and overcome. I'll just gum everything to death, LOL

Whooopie! More garden porn in the mailbox! The Henry Fields catalog just came in. Now, I have the Gurneys and the Henry Fields to drool over and dream of spring. LOL Just what I need, eh? I couldn't wait for spring, I ruined the betting pool and planted potatoes in a plastic bin in the kitchen. I shock sprouted them in a paper sack and then the windows, they pushed ears and into the compost they went! I watered them this morning and I've got sprouts already pushing up. I should have me some new taters to munch on by middle of next month! Carrots, lettuce and radish are next, LOL

Still waiting to see if the lionhead bunny pulls fur. It will be her first litter of kits so I'm not too excited because she may let them all die but she could raise them all too so... If I did actually get her bred (she looks chunky) maybe I can get lucky and everything will go smooth and I'll have cute little furry bunnies to play with.

With sub zero temps coming in on us, I'm glad I didn't breed any of the outside rabbits. Delta hasn't filled a bag yet so I don't need to worry about goatlings in the middle of a horrible storm like she did to me last year. I'm actually kind of disappointed tho since she's usually right on the money with kids in the first week of January. I know there's kids in there, she's big as a house and pushing her summer kids off. Delta is always the first one to kid on the farm. I'm excited and getting a little impatient, LOL I love me some baby goats!

I started a camo couch throw last night. I also started a bubble gum couch throw. I may do them both at the same time, work a skein onto one and then the other. Haven't decided for sure tho. The crocheting is something I really enjoy for a project thru the winter months. It allows my mind to be occupied with dreams and big plans while my hands are doing something constructive.

Time to head back to the farm from the in-town net connection..... until next time, take care and stay warm!

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  1. I am so sorry your tooth fell out! I had not heard it was a problem. I dread the coming freeze here, probably not as cold as where you are.


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