Friday, December 5, 2014

December Rains

Ick, it's raining again.  Mudhole on the farm!  Lost another batch of rabbits kits last night.  The weather behaving like a yo-yo is hard on the does and newborn kits.  So, I have managed to not get any live bunny kits at all.  None that lived more than a week anyway.  "Sigh"  depressing.

So far, since August, I've manged to get a couple blankets finished.  I am currently working on an order for 4 youth blankets.  I have 2 done and the third half done with one more to be finished before the 15th.  I'm sweating bullets a bit, it's going to be a close finish!  Each one takes 53 hours from start to finish.
So now, there is 5 days left in the blanket raffle.  So far, there's 5 people in the Camo blanket raffle and just 2 in the rainbow blanket raffle.  Still good odds so get your entry in quick!

Not much going on around the farm lately.  I am currently working on a new soap recipe.  One with coconut oil in it.  The hope is to make the soap more bubbly, the way most people expect soap to be.  I know, I'm veering from the old fashioned style to cater to the whims of the commercial products mindset but hey, who knows, it might make a good soap!  It's been in the mold for 2 days now, was too soft to remove yesterday.  I'm going to try to get it out tonite after work.  I've got my fingers crossed!


  1. Sorry about the bunnies.... We are getting rain,and have been since Monday..
    The blankets are so pretty. If I didn't make my own I'd get on board for yours,for sure! I hope things start getting better for you,I know how rough it is on your own. Bless you and yours!!!

  2. I don't mind my soap being unbubbley


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