Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Changes Happen Quick

Oh yes, surprises all around on the farm.  Tractor is the highlight of my attention for the past few days.  Finally lost one of the 2 wore out tires.  Found a used one, slightly bigger but it will do until I can figure out where to get the $635 needed for a new pair.  Also, the primer decided to split on me.  Once I got it pulled off, I saw that it was full of bio fuel algae.  Oh yes, the highly praised bio diesel strikes again!  It's garbage.  It filled the primer screens up with algae and built up enough that it ruptured the the little rubber piece.  Thanks to which ever idiot government agency came up with this brilliant plan to "save" us from fossil fuels.  Morons.
 So here's Baby goat.  Lil Sisters kid from this past spring.  She's turned into a nice little nanny.  Not quite as friendly as her Momma but gentle enough.
 Of course, we can't talk about the farm animals without including the center piece.  Grizz is still himself, being a dopey blue heeler.  Ya can't not love him, he's such a goofy dog.
 The lionheads are, I hope, making bunny kits.
3 chicks is all I managed to get hatched out from this last round.  Yep, I said last year that I would not hatch chicks out over the winter but here I am, hatching chicks out, again, LOL

So, how about another blanket raffle?  What pattern should we do this time?  The rainbow (mexicali) one or the dark camo?

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  1. How about the camo one! Shoot, I'm going to keep trying until I win!

    What do you do with the lionheads, by the way? I thought these were mostly a pet species. --Pam in CO


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