Wednesday, October 22, 2014

First Frost Already?

Brrr, it was unpleasant this morning!  Not quite a frost but 44F is down right unpleasant compared to what it was just a week ago.  Yep, it's that time of year already, it's going to be cold all the time very soon.  Am I ready?  Well heck no I'm not.  I never am.  I'm a big fat cry baby in cold weather.  I plug through it, miserable just because I would rather not be cold.  Busting ice out of buckets, frozen feet, chapped hands from the hot water in cold air for milking time, eh, just whaaa, LOL.

Eh, anyway, the cows are fat, the goats are sassy, chickens are finally laying steady now that Brandy dog is gone, rabbits should kindle in the next day or 2 and the pantry is full of canned goodies from the garden.

Now is the season of reading and writing, crochet and soap making.

So, here's the first blanket raffle of the season....
A reader asked I put this one up first so here it is.  The Grape Fizz, 38x50 lap throw.  One entry for $10 or 3 for $20.  We'll keep the entries open until Halloween.  You can enter via the paypal button, make sure you put grape fizz in the comment section or you may email me for snail mail( 

I've got an incubator full of eggs but I'm not too sure they're going to hatch out.  The darn fuse blew over night and the poor unborn chicks got cold, too cold. So, a candling is in order tonight to see if they're all dead.  I hope they aren't dead but just in case, I did put 18 new eggs in there a few days ago.

As I said above, I've got 2 does that should kindle tonight or tomorrow, both good Mommas so 12 to 16 new bunnies should be arriving soon.  I love the bunnies, they are so darn cute and cuddly.  Something to play with while I'm waiting for the new round of goat kids to arrive.  The first ones should get here the 2nd week of January.  Seems like a long way off yet but they'll be here soon enough and it will seem like it was just yesterday when we started waiting for them.  Calves in February or March and we'll be full swing into a busy, busy year around here!  Milk, cheese, the new bake shop, the gardens, the quilting shop I'm working on, the new chicken runs and rabbit house, busy, busy, busy around here!  Plus the quail I want to add and the turkey runs, I've got some exciting plans for the new and revamped farm! Been a tough road and an even rougher summer but I can see daylight now.  A few small fixes on the 2 farm trucks (spider injection on the chevy and a few sensors for the ford) and we'll be in good shape for the new year.  I did manage to get all the parts for the hay equipment paid for, now I just need to find time to put it all together so it's ready for the next haying season.  This winter will be tight for hay but I think we'll make it through it.  Might have to buy a bale or 2 but it will be okay.  All we need to do is to get the taxes paid and we're good for the rest of the year.  How awesome is that?

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  1. I'm so proud of you!!!! You have worked so hard for this!! We are going to have lots of snow this winter according too the persimmon seed, oh that's just what we need.NOT!!! I hope the cold holds off long enough for the bunnies to grow some hair.
    I wish you luck and hope you get your trucks fixed and going.Good luck with all your projects too!

  2. This means the kitchen is done? That is the part I am concerned about, not that the animals are not important. Working in a warm kitchen should keep you comfortable. I have plans to bake lots this is too cold in this house.

    Hopefully, the eggs will hatch. At least you made plans for more.

  3. MM,

    You've been very busy and finally all that hard work is paying off. Congratulations Girl!!

  4. Please post pictures of the new kitchen...I can't wait to see how you have it all set up! Exciting!

  5. Sounds like a lot of wonderful activity around you. Bought 3 tix for grape the way I heard a MILD winter is predicted, let's hope that's true! --Pam in CO


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