Thursday, October 30, 2014


Frost alert, LOL!  Yep, the ground was covered with frost this morning.  OHHHH, I am not ready for winter!  The chicks are hatching, so far I have 2 dried off and another pipped, 16 were in this batch with another 16 in 6 days.  With the power outage and then the over heat, I'm surprised any hatched at all.  Now to see if they're messed up physically in any way.  I'll know soon enough, they will die if they aren't right.  So, I've got fingers crossed they will live and grow like they should.

There's just 3 people entered in the raffle for the Grape Fizz lap throw.  I will draw tomorrow night after I get home from work.  Good luck ladies!

I'm a happy camper this morning, I traded a couple pats of goats milk soap to a neighbor for some bartlett pears. Yum, I love those!  Soft and sweet, the only real pear in my book!

ARG, the rabbit doe I love so much done killed every one of her new kits.  First time she's ever done that to me, must have been something not right with them or something unseen by me annoyed her.  Hate to lose those kits, that's food out of my mouth there!

Eh, gotta go to work now, see yas Saturday morning with the raffle winner's name!

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  1. Sad to hear about the rabbit-lings...didn't know does did that. Wonder what could have been wrong?


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