Sunday, September 21, 2014

Almost Fall

So, here we are, another summer done gone by and what have I managed to accomplish? Well hmmm, tangible growth, something that can be seen or felt physically, not too much. The fences are still tore up, the pos trailer I live in is patched somewhat but still a dump, the garden is a mess and the chicken/rabbit hut still isn't finished.

So what is it I have managed to do this whole year? I'm still here. I finally broke even in August. I've managed to feed myself, even if it hasn't been optimal, I havent starved. The small herd of goats I have left are healthy, both the cows are bred and I managed to keep half the chickens alive. Rabbits did well for me this summer and I didn't lose any. So, now I can keep moving forward into the winter and dream of what I might be able to get done next year.

People ask me all the time why I keep going, why I do what I do even when it's difficult or what they consider impossible. This is what I tell them- As you get older, you find that life begins to wear you down. Everything that happens around you and to you- it all rolls up to be against you to steal away your energy, erode your dreams, to make you question things you wouldn't have given a second thought to when you were young and full of hope and dreams. Then, you have a choice. You can either give in and quit or you can fight it and keep going. You do it no matter what because if you quit, you're defeated and life doesn't have any real purpose left to it. There is no success in just existing with no purpose. Some kind of answer, eh?  Most of the time I get the deer in the headlight look in response.  I just laugh.  Seriously, what else did they expect me to say?

So, I've got a few crochet throws finished and ready to go.  In a few weeks, I will put one up for auction on the blog.

  a youth size and an infant size Macaw throw- a 24x28($20) and a 30x42($30) with shipping.
 a grape fizz throw, 38x50 ($42) with shipping
 pink camo throw, 40x56 ($48) with shipping
 a Monet throw, 63x63 ($75) with shipping
 I'm also working on a couple hoodie scarves and some infant, youth and adult hats.

The ragweed is in full bloom around the place and the seasonal allergies are hard to handle.  The weed pulling and fall clean up is in full swing around here as is the garden work for the fall crops.

In between, there's some electrical work to be done in the pos trailer.  I've lost 3 outlets so far.  It just keeps piling up on me (sigh).  Hate pouring good money in a dump that should be burned down and hauled off.  Oh well........


  1. We keep going because that's what we've always done. If we quit we might as well die.
    Maybe you'll end up in the barn with the goats and the com....Believe me I've slept in worse "houses"!!! As a teen I woke one morning with more snow on my bed than there was outside! LOL.
    Believe me giving up is not an option. If it was I could stay in a nursing home. Not for me... We've raised one grand son,now in college. 2 yrs ago we got his in 6th grade. We are getting too old to to chase teeny boopers and keep them out of trouble. I would like a little time before I leave this world for a little me time.
    As for the other stuff,all you can do is keep on trying, it will work out one way or the other.Keep on thinking"its just stuff" Not a life or death thang! You will make it I know. Besides Scifi is up there rooting us on, we can't stop
    Love the crochet, I only do that in the winter, too hot to have it all up in my lap in the summer you know!What I'd like to have are the leggings we used to wear.The ones that came to the knees. They feel really good out feeding the goats in the winter time!
    I hope things ease up for you, and you get a handle on things. Take a minute to breathe sometimes too.Do it for you!!!!

  2. MMPaints,

    I've noticed getting older makes it more difficult to do the things in less time. Now in my 50's, and it takes me an entire day or longer to accomplish projects instead of hours. My hands don't function the way they used to, and my body aches like crazy but I keep moving because if I stop things won't get done.

    Temperatures here are starting to get much cooler, I feel winter will be upon us before we know it. My garden beds have already been put to sleep for winter, and my in my brain I've started planning Springs garden.

    Beautiful crochet throws, scarves, and hats. I wish I had the patience it takes to crochet and knit. I've tried the crocheting and everything keeps getting to tight. I've been told it takes practice, one day I'll get it.

    Enjoy your week, don't work too hard, and remember to give yourself a nice break.

  3. The grape fizz one is gorgeous! Hope you auction that one. --Pam in CO

  4. People ask me why I continue. I have to keep keeping on. I feel like my physical condition will grow worse if I give up. However you feel now, consider how you will feel at my age, 68. It is hard. We both need a breather where things don't go to pot while we rest a bit.

    I am glad you finally broke even. That must be thrilling. No matter how bad things are, I am glad it is all my own doing and not someone always pulling me down when I make a bit of progress.

    When can you use the kitchen?

    I entered some things in our fair and won ribbons on both, a first place and a third. Do you have a fair where you can enter things? I even get cash prizes. Not much.


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