Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Update

Well, it's been a busy few weeks.  Lots going on but it's all been wheel spin.  3 weeks of every day rains, the truck wire shorting and burning, the cows in the road, tractor alternator shooting craps and so on and so forth.

Everything I've managed to get planted is flowering with peppers about half ready to pick.  Lots of green tomatoes too.  Trying to turn the soil with just a pitchfork and  hoe when it's constant swampland mud it tough work.  Goats are all fat and sassy, cows keep pushing the fence down in the mud to run around on the highway.  Stupid cows.  Got them all tethered in the yard just so I can be sure they will stay put while I'm at work.  Managed to get all the bills paid for this month but nothing left over to make any progress around here.  That figures but it's not always going to be like this.  It damn well better not be!


  1. I know you are not a "giver-upper" but a "getter-done" kind of girl!
    Cows are stupid. Many years ago I had to help chase cows back in the barn. One night coming home from a date, my mother yelled from the yard..'Barb have you seen the cows! lol

  2. Barb,
    Only one vendor at the market kept in touch with customers. They were a couple older than I (in 70s) And computer savvy enough to do what they needed--had email, and kept a notebook out, and asked all customers for email address. Then, we got an email every week where they were a bit chatty and told customers what was in this week from the farm. They would even hold things and told customers to please pick it up. They specialized in fresh salad greens in the winter. They would sit in the truck at the market and sell the things people asked them to bring. It seemed to work out well for them. I would imagine the extra cash the emails generated more than paid for the connection.

    You could notify customers when you had a new canned product or were trying a new baked goods recipe. The emails kept me interested and coming to their booth.

    I am completely freeing myself from AT&T. MagicJack that does not require internet, the package that says 2014 and no computer needed is what I have now. I went from $28/month to $2.30/month. The initial $39.95 covers the installation and the first six months. If you just use a cell, having the MJ would allow you to get a lower plan to save money on the cell. Well, it's a thought that might help the finances at your place.

    I hear cows are stupid and always escaping. I cannot even keep these chickens home since Patsy Cline came. Cows would be way too much for me.


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