Monday, May 5, 2014

Crazy Around the Farm

As usual, it's hard for me to figure out if I'm coming or going.  The hard winter and the bills piling up keeps me humping every single day.  Always trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul around here.

 My only day off this past week and it was 55F and windy.  Rained hard the day before so no garden tromping going on in the overcast, breezyness.
I did manage to get some things planted even tho my entire seed starting this spring was a total bust.  The weather was just too crazy for me to keep anything from damping off and dying. 

More soon on the adventure!


  1. It is good to hear from you! It's 88 here, hotter than hades, with 19% humidity. People around here are planting like crazy, farmers, gardeners, and flower people. I'm anxious for you to get your kitchen up and running.

  2. So good to hear from you. I do worry about you. I very seldom comment, but I read every time you post.
    I hope things start going right, my gosh, you are certinly due for some good luck!

    1. Barb,
      Thanks. I think that like you, money is the At least I don't have to fight the weather like you do.

      My luck--ATT cut off my home phone despite their notes that said I wanted it on vacation. Then, I paid $234.08.
      Then, they cut off my cell phone. No one knows why or how to get it fixed. They SAID I asked them to just cut it off. Then, they said I had not paid my bill. Another att employee said I only owed $48 and they would not cut off my bill for that amount. They deny I have paid them the money despite their having taken it out of my checking account. It's crazy. So, tomorrow, I go to the bank, get a notarized copy and take to ATT store. I am so exhausted.

      Thanks, Barb.


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