Friday, April 18, 2014

a farm update

So, here we are, just about onto Easter.  Not a holiday I celebrate with joy since my Grandmother passed away.  I have my own retrospect on the subject...

Got the front garden cleaned out and several cold crop items planted.  Hoping the frost we had 2 mornings ago doesn't do much damage.  I have just a third of the normal seedlings up and growing, lost a bunch to damping off with the burst of cold weather that rolled thru.  No heat sucks, LOL

Since I'm basically rock bottom here and starting from scratch, any progress I make at all seems like a huge victory.  It's horribly slow coming but it IS coming. 

I'm toughing it out and still alive! Pickins in the cupboard are getting a little slim but what I canned up last season should hold out for the fresh produce.  The chickens I hatched out for myself are just about up to egg laying so no worries there.The baby bunnies are doing great and I've decided to not try to sell the few I've got as Easter bunnies.  Instead, I'm going to eat a couple of the boys and keep the girls to replace the does I lost to the severe winter cold.  Build my "herd" back up.  I've ended up with 3 girls and just the 1 boy out of the goat kids.  Lil Sisters kid, Baby, is a real dandy!  What a personality on that little thing!  She's spoiled already, of course.  She's getting all the darn goats milk on me so you know she's fat and sassy.

The pot bellied pig (the small dexter bull I got from Mike Hammack and then sold back for the $200 he offered me to "help me out") did not produce any calves.  So, no cows milk for a few more months.  I've got a bull to cover the girls now so calves are on the way.  It's probably all the for best tho since my work schedule at the moment would make milking at the proper intervals a bit rough.  Funny how those things work out.

Oh, PTLBatman, I'm digging up the sunchokes to move them this weekend or early next week, a box will be heading your way!

The rest is business as usual around here......


  1. Glad to see your blog again. I was worried when I kept getting an error message for several weeks. Wishing you the best!

  2. Yeah, me too. It came back. Did you change a setting or something. I was having trouble with a bully who thought I took her friend away from her. She even did not convey a message from the friend to tell me her husband had tried to kill himself and was in ER. Then, when he died and was buried, the woman did not give me any of the messages from the friend. I let this go on while she and a bunch of women ridiculed me in public and just bullied me. The church were most of this happened said I was causing all the trouble. SO, one at a time, starting with the worst bully, I took them on in a kind voice and repeated what others said about their being the problems for years. You know what? They quit their bullying me at all. Sometimes, you have to take the bull by the horns, bullies confront them.

    I. too, have lots of witness, not that I need them. These bullies have their tails between their legs...and their tales. Jealousy was the root of all this, just like it is with your bully.

  3. Glad to see your blog back! Was missing the pix of your animals and such. Hope spring season is good for you. --Pam in CO


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