Thursday, March 27, 2014

screeching halt

All progress has come to a complete halt around here.  The winter was just too hard here and unlike some people around me who like to brag on themselves while cutting the guts out of their friends (you know who you are)  I don't have a spouse I talk bad about behind her back while she's paying all the bills so I can thump my chest and tell everyone how successful I am, so, I'm wiped out.  There is no progress here.  Minimal survival mode is in full swing.

I'd share it all with ya's but the ex friend (total jerkoff douchebag) seems to think my struggles are a good way to continually diss me and prove how much better he is than I am.  So, know I'm still alive and hanging on, just not making any progress.

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  1. Fuck em you are not a quitter,I thought you stop using this blog? I haven't used mine in quite a while just happened to check you out.Last I heard from ya was on facebook.Glad to see ya still hangin. We can only go up from here girl !!


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