Saturday, March 1, 2014

farm update, March 1

Gotta make sure the goats have enough hay to munch on so they can keep warm during the upcoming round of nasty weather!

So, everything is puttering along, business as usual around here.  I got an email from someone I used to be friends with, threatening to sue me for naming him as the person who made the report that killed last years market for me.  Apparently, he has friends "watching" me.  Geez, didn't know I was such a going concern.  Whatever.

Seed starting coming soon!  LOL  This last round of nasty goes thru and the green stuff will be sprouting here again!  I have all my seeds lined up and waiting to be planted.  I'm so excited, LOL  This has been one nasty winter.

No snowflakes here on the farm yet but a friend just sent me a picture from a town 20 miles west of the farm.  They've got snow already.  Looks like an inch or so. Yay rah!  Here it comes.........

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