Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yep, it's STILL hot

Itty bitty eggplants!  I'm working every night on keeping to garden alive.  The old wives tale of not putting your plants to bed with wet feet just isn't swaying me much.  The ground is so darn hot by sun down anyway and if I water in the mornings, the plants look scalded all day from the evaporating moisture. 

The eggplant is in a row I didn't put the woodchip mulch down on and the weeds are out growing the produce just like they have done every year on me.  I plan to do this whole front garden in the back to eden wood chip plan next season.  Possibly the bigger gardens too, we'll see.

Not really too much has been going on here on the farm.  It's horribly hot and with the brief storms rolling thru, the humidity has now hit us.  The evenings were nice as it cooled down until that darn humidity rolled in.  Now, even 70F is uncomfortable with the sticky air.  I wasn't looking forward to that, the air that you wear.  I would have gladly passed on that this season, hot or not.  Oh well, the good times never last, LOL.

I'm actually pretty pleased with myself, I've managed to get a couple small side jobs done around the area and I'm just $50 short for my bills for the month.  I don't think I'll have too much of a hard time with $50.  I've got a couple problems with my little purple farm truck I'm trying to figure out.  I think I need a battery and a solinoid.  The barneymobile freaked out on me Tuesday afternoon.  Always something around here, LOL  At least I've managed to keep all the rest of the critters alive thru this nasty heat!


  1. we had a thunder cloud full of rain sit down on top of us this morning..and lordy it felt good...rained for about two hours or so and yet this afternoons sun raised the misery factor with the humidity so even though we got a good drink, every thing is being cooked with the steam. i have been watering my raised beds every morning and every evening about two hours before sunset just to keep things from cooking. my squash bed is doing pretty good as long as it gets water and fertilizer. my greenbeans are doing great. peppers are doing okay. cabbages-hahaha-i thought i murdered them yesterday but they are hanging in there so far. carrots are doing well, potatoes are not. eggplant is so so but coming along. makes me think alot about the pioneers and homesteaders of a century ago and what they faced-and then, i move forward. here in n.e. mississippi we have a chance for more rain every day for the next four or five will be a true blessing if we get some more. i live in an isolated rural county...the only things we have going is furniture manufacturing and sweet potatoes..factories are mostly closed and the sweet potatoes have been planted in hopes of a good year-and a good crop..everyone needs money. hope someone will buy the three quilts i just finished..i am thinking of raising some chickens and i am saving to make/build a decent coop first.

  2. Ugh..we lost the battle with the celery today, you know when it hit 105 in the shade. Right now the only thing that seems to be hanging in the garden is the tomatoes, pepper,pumpkins, melons and onions (all the sweet corn fried too). You got rain! Lucky! We had storms go around us literally about 15 -20 minutes in almost all directions got a decent rain, we got a sprinkle. If it is any relief the heat is supposed to be letting up by next week but as far as rain goes...Well I think we need to pray for a tropical storm worth.

  3. Can you stick up sticks and shade some of the things, if not all? No rain still here. I got three sprinkles on my car window today at the worst of the storms that went around us. My strawberries died and I am trying to revive the asparagus!

  4. Even with the unplanned reduction of my grass clipping mulch my weeds have not been bad this year. Or at least I been keeping them under control anyway. Even the morning glory.

    I am about to lose the battle of the squash though. As usual I can't keep the squash bugs under control enough to get the plants through the hot times no matter how much I water. My tomatoes survived the great blister bug swarm however.

  5. Unless I get up and water my raised beds before 7am, it does no good. I have been watering at 8pm. The sun is down by then. I do not get any of the foliage wet. I water them really deep and have thick mulch on most of the beds. The peppers is a thinner layer of mulch. It was 106 here today and when I got home at 530pm today, the tomatoes look really bad. I hope after watering them this evening they look better.

    I know watering in evening isn't suppose to be good, but I think watering in the morning with these extreme temps is worse. My big thing is NO WATER ON THE FOLIAGE!

  6. @lisa b....absolutely no water on the foliage....that is asking for disaster for sure..i water deeply in morning and then around 6-7 pm i water lightly. i have raised beds and tire planter and pot planters and i have all of them buried to the rims with wood chip and pine straw mulch which i think has helped us hang on to things much longer. plus many of my plants are shaded by taller heat resistant plants in the afternoons-that helps a little bit too.

  7. That's what I hate about Summers: Heat and Humidity. I simply can't tolerate them.


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