Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still Dry and Plugging Along

Just a few minutes in the front garden and I found this healthy bounty.  The goat chewed tater tire stack is going to be completely turned over in the next day or 2.  The harvest shown here is just the top tire the goats pushed over on me.  Nice little harvest for this weeks meals.  Even with the drought, I made back my seed taters with just this so anything else is a bonus.

Thanks to everyone who comments here, I am grateful you share what's going on in your area with me.  I am saddened to read so many are struggling with the heat.  With no a/c, I know exactly how you all feel!  Today is 25 degrees cooler than this time last week and I've already sweated myself soaked today.  I've got plenty of catch up work to do around here.  While I'm pretty acclimated to the heat, I still don't like being out in it and working anymore than anybody else does.  Being soaked with sweat all day is bad enough without dust and flying dirt sticking to me, LOL

ARG, Mondays scattered showers brought the farm about 4 rain drops!  All around me got at least a little but me, I didn't get a spit.  That figures.  Eh, I'll just keep plugging along I guess.  I don't have much choice, LOL

Thank you R.D. I got your note and appreciate your help and words of encouragement.  With your help, I've got all this months bills covered and I sold $22 of produce at the farmers market for next months bills.  The blackberries have been good sellers but the crop is dead now so I'm going to have to come up with a new cash crop for the market.  Maybe the heirloom tomatoes coming on will sell well.

I did a quick walk thru yesterday afternoon in the big garden.  The sweet corn is coming along good, still a couple weeks from ready tho.  The kidney beans are growing like mad and are covered in pods.  That should be an excellent crop and give me a good base for the winter food supply.  The banana peppers are showing some heat damage on the fruits but I'm going to cull and clean up the plants so the new fruits coming on will be stronger.  The melons are growing like mad with a dozen or so softball sized sugar babys and tons of tiny cantaloupes.  Those are always good sellers not to mention a personal favorite or mine.  Could be decent enough to carry me at least part way to spring.  I'll figure out how to cover the rest when the time comes.  I've still got goats and rabbits I can sell.

Off to do some weeding and spot mowing......


  1. Cantaloupes can carry you to spring? How? They don't seem to store well.

    I don't like cantaloupes, but when I get one with a cosmetic blemish in chicken produce, I freeze it in chunks for smoothies for exbf.

    That is a lot of food in the picture. I got three raindrops on my car windshield while it stormed in the distance on three sides of me.

  2. Hey PP, LOL, the sales from the fruits not the cantaloupe themselves. Those get mushy and rot too quick for storage.

  3. when in season and ready cantalopes sell pretty fast and this year the prices are up around here for the cantalopes and watermelons. more and more people are selling their veggies and fruits at our town square farmers market..i have thought of doing the same, but decided we needed to take care of ourselves first so been busy with canning/drying/and freezing..lots of festivals coming up this fall and will sell some stuff then. we have had rain every day/eveing for the last five days and the temps are now in the high 80's...so far, that is enough for a rest from trying to rescue the garden. hopefully, the worst is past us in northeast mississippi but i am not counting on it and staying prepared and at the ready. i am very glad that things are looking up for you. i am digging some taters thursday and hope i have at least broke even. i can always can the taters with the greenbeans!

  4. Glad things seem to be looking up. Sorry you didn't get any rain. We hit the jackpot--over 3 inches.

    Did your medical problems leave with your husband?

  5. Hi Penny, yep, they sure did!


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