Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lived Thru It

The heat wave has kind of sort of broke and we lived thru it.  Total critter loss, well, it isn't pretty but it stayed to just chickens and rabbits.  I'm not totally wiped out but it's close.

The farm is being teased right now with pop up storms that have cooled it off some but no rain yet.  I can smell the rain that fell less than a mile from here and it's an even bigger tease. 

The onions and garlic have been pulled, they just didn't make it thru the heat wave.  no amount of watering in the raised beds helped.  Most of the garlic didn't make more than a round bulb with only about a dozen actually making a clove.  I would consider the garlic a total loss.  Onions did alright, most were smaller than I'd like them to be but none rotted and are drying nicely.

My persistence and watering efforts have paid off in the ground gardens with a pair of eggplants for tomorrows supper.  Palm sized and perfect!

The first coming ripe tomatoes are showing the toll of the heat with blossom end rot on them and a couple showing the stress of intermittent water supply.  Even with watering them on a regular basis, the heat was sucking it away too quickly and starving the plants  of the moisture they need for perfect fruits.  Hopefully the cooler days coming will allow me some good fruits for the dinner table.


  1. In the same boat here. Wind, lightening, thunder, clouds, cooler temps....even a friggin rainbow but no measurable rain just a whiff off the stuff on the wind with that pleasant smell as the clouds carry it to neighboring towns.

    I got a few sun spotted tomatoes from where the blister bug swarm attacked the leaves and left them exposed but the heavy grass clipping mulch kept my 35 plants hydrated. The first big bunches are coming ripe now.

  2. You too, with the storms I mean! As of this moment it is lightning its butt off yet again but we have still to see any rain....none in the past few weeks while some only 15 minutes or so away from us on all sides are getting torrential downpours, frustrating as can be. Glad to see you are getting some stuff from your garden! Hopefully this was the heat wave of the summer...

  3. Right now, it looks like rain is barreling in from the north about ten miles from me. However, in the last five or six weeks, it has rained all around me. I live on a plateau, so storms often just dissipate or move to both sides of me as they go buy. In the last six weeks, I have gotten a cumulative total on one hour of rain, not hard, often just more than a sprinkle. Strawberries and asparagus are dead, along with my basket of flowers! The three hens were alive when I last saw them earlier. They pant lots and sit in the dirt, barely scratching at all. They like their food delivered, chopped for ease of

  4. we have had three good rains in the last week, but not the kind that do anyone any good.. they were downpours that rolled off of the ground with high treacherous winds and power outages. i spent the evening a few nights ago staking many plants and hoping that the wind did not kill them. we lost trees and that added to the misery factor of having to clean up a mess in this heat. but-today is cooler at 88 degrees so maybe the cool front is beginning to move in a little. the heat caught up with me today-i am so sleepy and tired that i have taken two naps and fixing to go to bed early with the hope that tomorrow will be better weatherwise and every otherwise too. i think the only thing i might have lost so far has been the beets and the potatoes..with two waterings a day, everything else is still hanging in there.

  5. same here,heat killed my big red tom turkey, otherwise ok looks ok with daily water. small shower but no real rain. the kell folks

  6. well, we have had rain now every day for the last five days...and i can honestly say none of it did any good until last night..rained slow like and broght in a bit of cool temps. today, we had high 80's and now has dropped to 83 at 8:48pm. took a walk thru gardens and for once nothing needed water. it just rained again here for about an hour or so. lordy, i hope we are through with the heat wave.


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