Monday, June 4, 2012

Warming back up

 It was a very nice, cool weekend.  Too bad the nice weather didn't last.  It's back up to the high 80sF again.  I'm really pleased with the wood chip permculture.  It's holding moisture longer than the areas without woodchips and it's working exactly like any cover would in weed reduction.  Instead of having to water constantly, I'm just having to water once a week since we have had no rain.
 I still need to put the tomato cage panels up.  Too many other little things got in the way this weekend but since our minor tragedies wiped out our fuel money, hubs won't be making it to work this week so we will have plenty of time to get it set up.  It's hard to see but the Hopi tobacco plants are all in full flower.  Since I don't know much about them and never grown them before, it's a mystery why they are flowering after only a month of growing.  The Hopi are from the southwest, hot and dry conditions which we certainly had this spring, so this is perplexing to me.  Maybe this plant doesn't grow to be 5' tall like the virginia sweet?  I'm just hoping I didn't do something to them that retarded their growth.
 Yep, the japanese beetles have arrived.  Dang things.  I'll be knocking them off all the plants and into a bucket of water for chicken snacks for the next month.
LOL, some folks thought I was kidding when I said I have 15 goats under the front porch!  I was going to take some to the auction on Tuesday but the weekend stuff wiped out all our money so maybe next month.  Goat auction is the first Tuesday of every month and having to wait another 4 weeks while these little buggers are eating every plant they can reach thru the fences is going to be tough.  The brown and white billy laying in my carrot box got in a tangle with the big billy and got his leg hung up in Johns horns so little billy is now limping.  Not exactly what you want for the auction barn.  He's hard to catch, even with a limp so doctoring him with anti inflammatory has been hit and miss.

Still no word on the test results for figuring out my health troubles.  Nothing like throwing a little extra stress onto an illness.  Patience is NOT one of my virtues.

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  1. You're garden is beautiful... so neat and tidy!
    So sorry to hear your fuel money got wiped out. That is soooo frustrating!!! Dave and I are dealing with that a lot, too, and I understand how crippling it can make you feel. I hope things on that end go much better for you soon.

    I do hope and pray that your test results aren't bad and that you feel better quickly. I especially hope for you that they find exactly what the problem(s)is and you have a speedy and FULL recovery!

    90s here and high, HIGH humidity. But we did get to enjoy some rain yesterday, quite a bit of it. Everything looks so green and lush today. :)


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