Thursday, June 21, 2012

Want in one hand

yep, you know the rest.  It's not going so good here.  Seems to be the norm anymore tho.  My brilliant plan isn't working out so good.  Eh, oh well.

The farmers market this past weekend was a bomb.  I'm thinking of not going this weekend.  An amish guy trucked in from 30 miles north with bins full of the same stuff I had and I didn't sell anything.  Guess people think if there's tons of it, it must be better than the small growers stuff.  If he comes back again, I'll waste $5 I dont have and 2 gallons of fuel I can't replace.  Not to mention the 4 hours I could be doing something else, anything else.

Haven't had any luck private selling the goats.  Everybody that has contacted me tries to get them for nothing.  Not sure what to do now, I refuse to give them away for nothing and I'm down far enough I can't afford the fuel for the auction.

On the brighter side, the garden is producing nicely and I'm eating well.  I finally have eggplant growing.  It's one of my favorite veges.

Eh, it's hot and sticky and I hate walking home but it's almost chore time and the librarian is giving me the stink eye, LOL.  More soon......


  1. you should hook up with Chicken Mama over at The True Tales of a Lady Homesteader, she is having similar issues .... and check out her parents Mama and Papa Pea at A Home Grown Journal. Are there any small restaurants in your area that would by your produce, check it out, see if permits are required. So of the small farmers here put produce out on side of the road with coffee can to put money and use the honor system, it must work cause they continue to do it. They will just put out several bags of produce and when that's gone they will add some more. Just depends on if you are in a high traffic area or at the end of a dead end road.

    Good Luck, hang in there, where there is a will there is a way.

  2. It's too bad more of us women who are struggling with one thing or another don't live closer. If I had the means, after hearing so many women suffering from financial woes though no fault ot their own, I would buy land to subdivide and rent for little. Sort of a ladies coop. Small, but plenty adequate houses would be a boon to most of us. Hey, I get dibs on chicken Just teasing!

    I just got some good news that I will post by Friday, at least.

    Oh, if you can sell the whole load, small or large for less than you would one cucumber at a time and avoid the rent, that seems like a good deal. I love selling wholesale.

    Some people around here just set up on the side of the road in an abandoned store paRKING lot. Some people very successfully go in the Power Board, attorneys offices, insurance office and peddle their wares. The people always want to know when the peddlers will return. I am using "peddler" with high respect.

  3. Good to hear you are still around. I hope things start working out for you soon :)

  4. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but "hang in there!" *sending you good thoughts*

  5. Hi, MM. I've been quiet since reading your news last week. Everyone seemed to give all the same suggestions that I would have, except I was too late! lol

    So, I'm not here to give any suggestions at all,(I agree with everything the ladies said here today)I'm just sending you my best wishes and hopes that you are doing ok, and will continue to do so...'God willing, and the creek don't rise.'

  6. The "Amish" sellers around here usually have suspicious looking cardboard trays in their vehicle. I don't know the guy from Adam but the ones peddling produce they bought at a larger auction are always showing up at the markets around here. As I said before I believe the Farmer's markets should have a growers only policy for sales.

    Anyway one thought I had but haven't acted on mostly because of time constraints at work was to specialize in as many different tomato types as possible and try selling them individually by type. Let people mix and match to try different varieties.

    I thought it maybe enough of a draw to pull people away from the "Amish Resellers".

    Just a thought.

  7. here in n.e. mississippi, the farmers markets and the truck farmers that park along the courthouse steps have to be local and growers of origin..if they get caught selling tomatoes or anything else that was grown elsewhere they will be banned big time. i feel for you and empathize completely. there are alot of us out here that have similar problems. shoot, these days a person cannot even apply for a job unless they go online to fill out and send applications...perhaps you could check with local organizations such as the Pilot Club (business org. for women), county extension service (homemaker volunteer clubs, and 4-H), lions club, jaycees, veterans organizations (vietnam vets of america, vfw, marine corps leaque)... i suggest these folks because they are made up of ordinary folks and will help get the word out and may have a way of getting you some business your way. if you have a small mom and pop country grocer in your area they may buy from you...can anyone registered with the APN in your area give you suggesstions or help? and is there a local radio station that might give you some free advertising? some indoor outdoor flea markets usually have folks selling produce too..the thing is that these days there are so many of us who dont have any money and those who do just are not spending. get to know the other people selling goods at the farmers market and find out what strategies they are using-they may also feel the same way about the ammish dude from out of the local area. (and 30 miles away is not considered local by most standards). i wish you some luck and will be keeping you in my prayers.


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