Saturday, June 9, 2012

Personal Update

Okay  guys, thank you for the comments and support and all the varied opinions.  It's helpful to see what others think and feel, it really does help to see the way thru.   I'm not jumping to any surprise or quick draw conclusions, this has been coming on for a few years now.  So, I'm working on doing what I need to do for myself, my sanity and my happiness.  Life is too short to be stuck with something/someone that makes ya miserable every second of every day.  That said, I don't want to give up everything I've built here but, if I can't cover the bills, I won't have much choice on the matter.   The fight I'm giving up is trying to hold together something that never existed in the first place, just an illusion of it.  The selling of all the animals is due to broken farm equipment I need to feed those animals and without it, will have to buy hay I don't have money for.  So it makes sense to sell them instead of letting them stand here and starve, doesn't it?

Now, what's going on here with my little self sustained farm...  an old friend emailed me letting me know that the town closest to me wants to set up a farmers market.  How perfect is that, eh?  This morning I set up downtown for the new farmers market.  All I had was some cucumbers pickling size (little bitty ones)and a dozen zucchini.  I sold out.    Too bad I don't have enough produce coming on to pay that 2 months behind electric bill before the 16th.  Eh, no electricity, been there done that.  At least I'll get peace and quiet since nobody wants to live here in the dark without even a fan for air circulation but me, LOL.  Works out good, eh?

Also working out a deal on a few of the goats I have here.  Not as much as I'd like to get from them but at least I won't have to pack them to the auction and sit there all night to get paid.

Everything else is just gonna work out one way or another and life will go on for me, all by myself where nothing and nobody besides me can affect it.  I will do my best to keep going like I want to but whatever happens, I'll just deal with it as it comes.  I built this out of nothing, I guess I can just do it again someplace else if I have to.


  1. Oh that would be cool if the farmer's market works out for you. My Aunt and Uncle are running their own meat processing business selling kielbasa, hot dogs, bacon and other stuff and they sell out, all pasture fed organic. They just started making and selling breakfast sandwiches and they end up turning people away (that is 7 bucks a piece for one). So who knows, you might be able to come up with some more ideas for a farmer's market. It is understandable about the animals. Just do what you got to do!
    P.S. I hear blackberries do great at farmer's markets. ;)

    1. I forgot to add that they sell all of this at farmers markets since they lack the needed license to sell to or out of businesses(other than that they have the needed documents for everything else).

  2. yah, the restrictions here are lame too Coley. Several folks asked about blackberries and I dont mind getting covered in chiggers because I like blackberries too. But, if we dont some rain soon, the harvest will suck. All the berries here are still green and pink. The farmers market isnt going to make me a ton of money but it will help a little.

  3. well any neighbors have excess produce they would donate to you to sell at next farmer's market. At least you know you can sell it if you can produce it, problem is you need enough to cover the expense of the market if they charge you plus gas to get there. Any plants you can pot up, bulbs to divide to sell. I have been dividing iris up and giving them to neighbors and friends. What other items can you come up with to sell. What will they allow you to sell? anything besides produce? I have been going to thrift stores, problem is I keep everything I buy, LOL, some day my kids can open a collectibles store. I now own 3 relish trays that collectible store is selling for $12, I paid $2.49 each for them. I know several people that go to thrift stores and sell items on ebay. Just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for new ideas ... Good Luck.

  4. How about selling some of your cheeses and soaps? Got the cow and goats still, might as well use them to get some cash before selling them off. I know we are like a couple weeks behind you in growing season up here in NE Illinois, so the mulberries should be out near you. Pick those and sell them? I go out into our area neighborhood and pick from the trees overhanging the roads.

  5. You have not said how the land is deeded, but we don't need to know that. It sounds like you are going to stick? How about charging for cheese-making classes at extension office, school, or any other venue. We had a program where all sorts of things were sponsored, classes for quilting, etc. Maybe you could hire yourself out as farm animal sitter while people were away and needed a conscientious person. Maybe you could take other's meager produce and split half for going and sitting and selling at the market. Hey, if he would leave with no electricity, let the lights go

  6. I don't know how much land you have but I do know that my experience has shown that rarely does the property survive a divorce.

    A lack of funds is not much of an obstacle for a determined woman since in many places free legal services are available but real property will be counted as real wealth and used accordingly and that is not always mentioned up front either.

    Real property is always shared property even in less progressive states. A deed or land title means nothing after a marriage license is signed. Unless one party willingly walks away or you have a pre-nup and those rarely stand up these days anyway.

    All that being said your marriage is your business the only advice I would give is towards land savings because no one should lose their property ever.

    Farmers market-wise the biggest threat are the sellers that buy produce and then truck it in to resell. Personally I believe the local markets should not allow this but most of them claim it is locally grown none-the-less.

    Since I am in the neighboring state I do not know what is covered in Illinois but in Missouri you can get away with making a certain amount off your produce before the rules kick in. For honey it is actually 30K a year. It is the same with jams and other things as well. Here it is covered under the department of aging of all things.

    Do not give up hope. I certainly believe that the time for small farm production being an economical prospect is nearly here if not already here for some circumstances. Focus on the one problem and see who comes with by their own choice. Nothing can change a situation like time, thought and hard work.

    The less conflict the better.

  7. I would also like to say that I know it SUCKS. May and June around here always bring too much and not enough at the same time. ALWAYS.

    Everything you need to get work done breaks in June. The babies show up or what have you pushing the envelope on resources. There is never enough money to go around, never enough of what you need and we aren't use to the heat yet. Having the humidity and no rain along with the heat makes it worse than the too much rain we usually get. All that and everything you have put work into isn't yet producing results for the most part.

    It will get better. Even this drought will go away they don't seem to last that long around here.

  8. you have some hard work ahead of you, but sounds like you know it and are working out the details with great thought. homesteads and farms are neverending work and only the courageous would think of sticking by it in the worse of times. right now if i were in your shoes i would be doing everything in my power to hang onto some if not all of your land...i have lived through some real long spells without electricity too and it really is not that bad. i have potted azaleas, wisteria, and crepe myrtles-made jams and jellies, breads, pickles, and meals in jars, sold veggies and fruits, quilted and other sewing, restored antique linens, cut hay and many other things to get buy...and i always slept really good no matter how hot it was cause i was tired. i have babysat and bottle fed calves for vacationing farmers. every little bit of $ that you are able to bring in will have a are still young enough to do it. take in a paying boarder if you can find one.

  9. Always sorry to hear about having to start over, been there too many times and sounds like much the same set of reasons. What can I say, I'm sometimes a little slow on the uptake. All I can tell you, from my experience, is whatever you do, take the lessons learned with you and don't give up. After numerous rounds of starting over, mostly because of "life partners" who pulled the opposite direction, my Anna has shown me that there really can be someone who can struggle alongside instead of against. If you are inclined to take on another life partner in the future, I hope you hold out for the one you really need. Best of luck and happiness on whatever path you take.

  10. I know I have been behind on my reading lately but WOW.
    Man I hate to hear about all your recent problems.
    Sorry, I don't have any Redneck words of wisdom to give you this time.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  11. Sounds like maybe a new way of making money may be opening up for you. Good luck!


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