Saturday, June 2, 2012

First of June

Well, I've been just kind of half humping along with some health problems to deal with.  Some of the tests have come back and the really bad health problems have been eliminated.  Still not positive on why I'm feeling so poorly but the doc will figure it out for me soon.  I've not done any side work in a few weeks and it's starting to show in a hard way around here.  Haven't done too awful much around the farm either that isn't daily maintenance but I am getting some produce now. 

The first zucchini cut.  there's 9 more I will be cutting in the next day or so.  I'd show ya'll a picture of the strawberries I picked today but I ate them, LOL  I love me some straweberries!  One of the quads pushed the bottom of the fence in and ate one raised bed of plants on me.  A few of the plants are coming back tho.  I'm none too pleased over it but nothing i can do, I was at a doc appointment at the time.  So, I will be guarding the remaining strawberry plants and putting the bunny poo fertilizer to them so I get a good crop of runners later this season to cover what was damaged.

This year is going to be darn rough for the farm with the hay equipment damaged.  I will have to buy hay.  Not too sure how I will manage that, I sure can't afford it.  If I can't figure it out, I guess I will have to sell all the critters before winter.  Oh well, just something else to worry about.

Now, how shall I eat my first zucchini of the season?


  1. Zucchini Cobbler or Pie! That was always my favorite way to eat those darn things. Hope you are feeling better soon,(I am struggling to get rid of this stupid sinus infection). How's the rain situation over there?

  2. I am so sorry you are having health and goat problems. I am not sure I could handle the frustration of goats being so determined to eat everything. It seems all blogs with goats fight them for

  3. that sure looks like one really big zucchini! my gardens are all ablossom right now and i am seeing some itty bitty veggies starting up. i think that i am gonna do more dehydrating than canning this year though. i am glad i dont have goats...and so far luck has been with us cause we get nighttime visitors like deer, coons, etc... and i guess the wildlife are finding plenty to eat cause so far they have left our gardens alone.


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