Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally Raining

 I'm thrilled it's raining.  Watering the garden just keeps it alive but rain water makes it grow and produce.  Here's the 10lbs of zucchini I sold at the farmers market Saturday morning.  I didn't get a picture of the cucumbers, they were a last minute pick and bag deal right before I left.  Tons more coming on for this weekend tho.  Cucumbers are hot sellers.  I picked my first horn worm off the tomatoes last night.  I've been dreading those things and this year I have a large tomato crop that will need a look-see a couple times a day.  Time consuming.  Since I don't use any chemicals here, the worms will all have to be hand picked and squished.  Wish I could train a chicken to follow me around and eat them, LOL
My soaking wet house goat that thinks she's a dog was so very happy to see me come home from the post office.  Did you know wet goats smell like burnt hair?  Ew.  No wonder they hate being wet, they stink bad.  Poor Lil Sister just doesn't have the brains to get out of the rain.

Well, the source of my stress is going to stay away for a couple of weeks.  Gee, thanks.  Not to help me of course, just doesnt want to be around when there's no electric.  I'm $326 short so it's unavoidable now.  Oh well, at least it will be quiet around here.  But, no electric will keep me from posting here on the blog.  No sense in wasting 2 gallons of fuel just to play on the computer so once the lights go out, the blogging is gonna slow way down.  I'll just take pictures and load them all at once to the computer when I can afford to go where I can plug in.  Got a lead on a decent full time job but it's still going to be a month or so before I would start.  At least it won't interfere with the job I'm supposed to have if the construction guys would get back on schedule.  Eh, I can't wait til November for a full time job anyway, I'll lose the farm to the bank if I do.  Still gotta pay the insurance and the mortgage to hang on.

So, until the next update, I'm doing what I can.......


  1. Love this rain(only got about half an inch but hey at this point it's great)! Hopefully you can get your electric up and running sometime soon. Good luck on the job hunting!

  2. Hang in there!! You've come a long way and have a lot of knowledge,i can't help but feel this is a life-changing event your going through but only you could know that.will keep you in my prayer's.

  3. Wishing you better times. Been there, done that. I promise there is a silver lining!

  4. things are gonna work out- somehow, someway. if you are not too far from library computers are available for free. the only thing you might get charged for is printing.
    those are gorgeous zuccini.

  5. Things will turn around soon for you!!!! I don't know how you have done all that you have by yourself. Are you selling eggs at the market? They go for $4.50 a dozen at the farm where I shop. Home canned bread and butter pickles were $11.00 a quart, seems like a lot to me!!!!

  6. You can call the mortgage company BEFORE things go south and arrange to pay only the principal or the interest, forget which, and forestall losing the farm. At least, it is breathing room for a bit.

    Can you rent part of the farm for putting livestock there or for farming a bit of it, pasturing a horse or two?

    I've seen horrible days like you are having and remarkably came out on the other side, albeit, scarred a bit.

    Go flip a breaker and maybe he will leave sooner!

    Having the problem around must be agony when you want some peace.

    Go to You can think up a creative project startup (cheesemaking, fixing tractor for the farm), determine what you need, set a goal and you are off. Of course, you must wait until the divorce papers are signed so he cannot get part of it. the goal ends are 30 and 60 days, I think, so you would not receive a dime until then. Maybe you can get that worked up before the lights go out and get some money to start your own moneymaker. What do you think?

  7. Does he read this? Would anyone who does read it tell him anything? I have some strategies I learned the hard way.

  8. AH! So that's where the rain went LOL! Not a drop here but overcast all day with 80% humidity. We've done the lights out thing...not the best but we survived and you will too.
    The farmers market seems a great $ maker for you as the crops come in. What about campfire bread in the dutch oven? That would be something no one else has and would probably sell well.
    Hugs, prayers for strength and wisdom for you my friend

  9. Sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on, but hang in there!

    Regarding the farm: does your state offer tax breaks or $$ incentives for "new" farmers? What about looking into American Farmland Trust? Maybe they have some resources. I think you're in IL, right? Here's a page:

    Sending you my best thoughts!


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