Friday, May 11, 2012

Quiet Week of Planting

3 weeks ago, I put 25 eggs in the incubator.  15 of those hatched out for me.  1 chick drown in the water over night and 4  more didn't make it longer than the next day.  The rest are healthy and happy, eating and drinking like they should.  Now if I can just keep the puppies from eating them.  At least they'll grow a while before I have to worry about those puppies getting after them.

Well, the farm now has 100' of water melon, 100' of cantaloupe, 250' of sweet bell peppers, 300' of tomatoes, 20' of cucumbers, 20' of zucchini, 2 sets of tater tires, 200' of hot peppers, 4500' of sweet corn, 800' of corn meal corn 200' of kidney beans and some misc stuff nobody eats but me.   Now all we need is the rain coming in for this weekend.

I've been push mowing around the farm today since the big mower is broken and no chance of getting the repairs done.  Just gotta do what I can, when I can...


  1. hmmmm, why is the boy not doing that push mowing? i have given up on my tomato plants..they seem to have just become "frozen in time". went to walmart and bought some plants, and will get them in tomorrow morning. i told the hubby that the plants that "are'nt going anywhere soon" i will just plant somewhere other than the usual place and if they die then that is fine with me..i am tired of looking at them. in the meantime, my raised back to eden beds are doing great and i managed to get the laundry done and ironed too. if no rain this weekend i will be cutting grass/weeds. have a happy mothers day...i am gonna celebrate mothers day with a "mayonnaise cake" like my mother used to bake years ago.

  2. YaY!!!! You got stuff in the ground! Man, it sounds like you've been busy. Shoot, I just "thought" I had a bunch of stuff planted! LOL! Happy Mothers Day, MM!


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