Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mid week middle of May

 Just a little picture update of the garden progress here.  We didn't get but a little drizzle, not the soaking I was hoping for.  The wood chip stuff looks pretty good and the moisture is staying under the wood chips well.
 The dead looking transplants are alive and growing like crazy!
 The onion box is looking pretty good.
 Kolorabi and brussel sprouts growing, lettuce too.
Of course, the dang taters need hilled, again, LOL.  Seems like every time I look at them, they need hilled again.  That's a good thing tho.


  1. All the vegetable talk is making me hungry. The pictures make me envious in a good way. I am about ready to use tires for potatoes, even though I am afraid of the chemicals! My potato box is only ten inches high and will never be any higher! I guess I will have scrambled eggs after reading your post and yuor whetting my apetite.

  2. practical parsimony...please do not fear leaching of chemicals from old tires..ain't gonna happen in our lifetimes or that of our grandchildren. mm...we got a a good slow soaking over the weekend which was a good thing..i needed the weekend to just recover from the planting and all. finally, with gardens planted, a good soaking rain i am rested enough to begin this week with those things we could not find time or energy for like trimming hedges, collecting fallen limbs, laundry etc... your gardens are looking good. maybe with the weird weather we are all having thiings will turn out better than usual...gotta hope!

  3. Since scientists prove leaching happens and can enter our food, I will worry. I guess we all get to worry over our choice of issues.

  4. Too late to hill the potatoes! Once they are flowering they've changed gears and hilling them up would actually lower yield. (The flowers are a sign that the plant has already moved into the next stage of maturity.. tuber amount is already set and bulking up of the potatoes is starting.) Hilling them up now will cause the plants to pull energy from the potatoes to compensate (in short.. the plant will sacrafice some of the potatoes to make sure it can get fatten up a few.)

    If you planted them deep enough and hilled them up with good compost in the beginning, they should be fine. :) So keep consistant watering now (ideally with a dilute compost tea) until they start to yellow and die back. Good luck!


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