Saturday, May 12, 2012

It Drizzling!

I'm all excited because it's drizzling rain here.  Tonight and tomorrow we're supposed to get some rain.  That's good because it will germinate all the direct planted seed we have in the dirt.  Hubs and I hilled taters and while I worked on scrubbing the floors (darn puppies) he planted 4 more 80' rows of meal corn, a row next to it of sunflower and finished off planting other misc stuff I still had on the grow shelves.
 We also set more wood chip down since I got more material to put under it all.  The home made fertilizer mix I've got fermenting in the tub out front got mixed with some water and I hit all the plants in the front garden yesterday and the growth overnight was so impressive, we hit them all again today even with the rain coming in.  The cayenne and hot wax peppers are already producing even tho they aren't as big as I'd like to see them.

I know the growth is kind of hard to see here but I wanted to get the strawberry boxes in the picture too.  Half the plants are flowering and I have some berries growing already on the big plants.  The rest looked like runner plants when I planted them so they need to grow more before they work on flowers.  Maybe by June they'll get mature enough.

I can see the puppies out playing in the rain, guess I better get at least one cup of coffee drank before they come in and track up the floor.

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