Monday, April 30, 2012

Picture Monday

 Yes, it's picture Monday.  Here's the 2 sets of twins born right after Lil Sister.
 Here's 3 of the quads and the single, the 4th quad wouldn't get close enough to the pack for the picture.  He's a bit of a loner.
 The strawberries I planted last week Wednesday.  They looked dead when I planted them, pushing leaves nicely now.
 Onions and garlic in this box, another one next to this one just with garlic in it.
 Brussel Sprouts and kolorabi which needs thinned again.  I'm the only one here that eats these so a large quantity isn't needed.
 The very angry hen with her 10 chicks in the half done chicken house.
The darn red taters need hilled, again!  I just hilled them a couple days ago and they've tripled in size in just a few days.  I really like the tire method, keeps it all so nicely contained and hilling is a snap.

The nasty storm is upon us, lightning crashing and it's raining steady.  Glad it's not a pounding rain with all those seedlings out there.  I couldnt fit the peppers, tobacco (which looks pitiful after transplant) zuccs and tomato picture in this post!


  1. love your blog; it's like my place, something always going on and something always needs doing. You should join us for Harvest Mondays at Daphne's!

    1. Thanks Mary! Nice to see you btw ;)

  2. At least you are getting rain lol. We haven't had so much as a few sprinkles since all this rain started. I am going to have to water the garden if it doesn't rain by tomorrow,(literally the rain line has been like10 miles or so north of us). Dang those goats are cute. How is the back to eden thing working out? The garden looks great by the way.

  3. I just hilled our potatoes tonight. Man they grow fast just like your kid goats!


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