Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

A virtue I don't possess I guess, I can hardly stand not getting plants out in the dirt.  This weekends over night temperatures are predicted to be in the mid 30s F.  Too cold!  Bad enough I will have to cover the strawberry plants I just built boxes for and stuck in the dirt.  Gurneys had a good sale and I could not resist.  No goat munching for these berry plants, I got them fenced off at the end of my small front garden spot, in boxes I built from scrap laying around.  Pictures when they actually look like something other than dead twigs in dirt ;)

How about those honkin big ears on Jake?  He's my chicken killer.  Wouldn't be bad if he'd just wipe out a few of those roosters but if it moves, he's on it.  He's killed 4 hens and got a chick this morning.  Not sure how the chick ended up outside of the make shift brooder house, but it did and he had it.  He instantly dropped it when I said his name and gave me the "I'm guilty" look but the chick didn't make it.  So, now I just have 10 chicks with the hen in the front yard brooder house.

Lil Sister is growing and working on being weaned.  She's now spending her days running around outside and sleeping on the porch.  I'm not pushing her too hard, her herd mates outside are still nursing all the time.  I really don't feel like she should be weaned before she's ready but she does need to be outside as much as possible.  Especially since she jumped up on the sprouting table and wiped out all my tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers and knocked all my herb cups off.  Bad goat!  Restarted what she ate and all the tomatoes are germinated and up.  Still waiting on the peppers.  Herbs have all been restarted.

The turkey poults are all still alive and growing.  Jumping out of the box enough I had to rig up a lid for it already.  No turkey poop on the floor!  They are still chick fluff so no going outside any time soon.  Wish they'd hurry up and feather out.

I've got the oils in the pot on the stove and the milk thawing for a batch of soap...


  1. My patience wore out and I planted all of my tomato plants the other week...yeah I lost all but a dozen to frost and cats(darn thing keep scratching up around them- they better watch it my patience is completely gone lol).So I had to break down and buy some stupid hybrid plants from the store(4 for $2, not too bad). I love the look on Jakes face ....

  2. everything is in the garden except for the tomato and bell pepper plants and they need at least a couple more weeks of growing and warmth..this has been one weird mississippi year weatherwise. years ago, we had a chicken killing dog...daddy shot and killed the dog then proceeded to finish off all the remaining chickens.. after that it was about twenty years before i could eat chicken and soon as i was out on my own i had me a new dog. anyway, you not only have the patience of a saint, you obviously have a heart of gold as well :)

  3. I have a springer spaniel who LOVES to chase chickens and carry them around the yard. She has a soft mouth and 99% of the time, doesn't hurt the chicken. When we get her to let it go, the chicken just flaps her wings and runs off. But there is no training it out of the dog. She just looks at me like, "but Mom, I'm a BIRD dog" :-)


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