Saturday, April 14, 2012

Idle Time

Not too much is going on around the farm.  The nasty little hard frost killed the zucchini plants but I knew it would.  We've been watching it rain since yesterday with hopes of the seed in the ground germinating soon.  All the warm weather seedlings in the house are still patiently awaiting the warmer overnight temps.

So, without much more to do than scrub the floors (puppies and a goat) I actually flipped thru the weekly local ad paper that comes in the mail.  Woohooo, Aldi had boneless leg of lamb on sale!  Lamb is pretty expensive here, it's why I raise the occasional sheep here.  Why do I need a little lamb?  Ah, because I grew up in Chicago eating ethnic food.  Greek, Bohemian, Italian foods that I miss eating.  So, now I make/create those foods here for myself when I can.  Out came the meat grinder, a little pork and a little beef into the bowl with the leg of lamb.  That all got mixed up with rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, cumin, garlic and finely minced onion.  The meat sets for a couple hours so the herbs create the awesome flavor.  Since I don't have an upright rotisserie, I had to create my dish in a glass casserole pan.  The texture is a little different than what I ate at the little Greek "hole in the wall" shop up north but the taste is close enough!  Whip up some cucumber sauce (sour cream, grated cucumber, dill, garlic, a dash of prepared mustard) slice some onions, bake up some pita bread, slice some tomatoes and you've got what Greeks consider the ultimate fast food!  Now all I have to do is hide the meat so the hillbilly I married doesn't eat it all smothered in ketchup or bbq sauce (what an insult!)  Maybe next week I will make some baked Ziti....

Oh, I almost forgot!  We've got baby bunnies again.  The litter was born a couple days ago, there's only 3 or 4 this time (momma getting old) and should be out of the box in a week or so.  2 more girls should kindle sometime in the next couple of days.


  1. my husband and i used to go to this little greek sandwich shop that was open 7/24 during the early 1970's...these guys were new to the usa and spoke little english but my husband knew a little greek and became fast friends with the cooks and waiters. anyway, they served up a sandwich similar to yours...except instead of tomato there were lots of onions and the meat mixture was inside the pocket of the pita rather than was delicious and since hubby worked swing shifts we were often customers at 3am. we were lucky with the frost-everything survived and some things actually benefited and became quite perked up. i have an armadillo somewhere out in the woods though that has tried digging for grubs..he is not having much luck though with the foot deep wood mulch i have in the raised beds around the pots and planters and tires. yep, those hillbillies do like to cover things up with ketchup, fry their bologna, and other odd is genetic you know...they just cant help it.

  2. Put your seeds to germinate in the cab of your truck. Do not let sun shine directly on them. They germinate so quickly. Oh, I had them all over front and back seats of my car. Friends would gawk and ask me what on earth I was doing with dirt/plants. It worked really well.

    LOl at "hillbilly" you married.

  3. That looks yummy!!!! But it doesn't sound like fast food.
    Sorry to hear about your zucchini. Hope your next ones grow fast! I like that car idea for germinating plants. I must remember that next year.
    I had to laugh, too, at the "hillbilly", but have to admit, eating it smothered in ketchup did sound good!

  4. These sound like Gyros from the Dog Stop. Hubby and son like them, but I would be with your hubby, pouring on some ketchup. lol


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