Friday, March 23, 2012

Surprise, LOL

Boy was that storm a nasty one. Skies Black as coal, clouds swirling, thunder rolling, pouring rain and nasty dime sized hail balls.

Meanwhile, the seedlings are growing nicely, waiting for warmer overnight temperatures. I'd be fine with putting them out but we've got a couple nights coming in the mid 40sF. If I had row covers, I'd put them out and be done with it. Alas, I don't have row covers, so in the house they stay!

I've finally got some action going with the hot pepper seeds. I've thrown away at least a dozen sets already, after 45 days and no sprouting, I finally gave in and acknowledged the fact that they weren't going to sprout. I gave up with the baggies and put them in the pellet trays and hoped for the best. 10 days and I've got 2 pellets sprouted with a bunch more showing some life. Why the trays are working better than the baggies this year, I don't know. I'm not complaining tho.

Planter boxes got built, filled and planted with garlic and onions. The strawberry box isn't showing any life yet and I don't have much hope for the transplants. I'm ready to go dig some up from my friends' garden. Maybe this week...


  1. That is some hail. We did not get any from the same system that I suppose came through your way.

    It's exciting to see all your things growing. I need to germinate my strawberry seeds tomorrow.

  2. got one of those "embedded" thunderstorms night before last that made the dry creeks and gullies fill up and run fast. thankfully it did not do harm to the things i have already planted outdoors...your photo makes me feel good..i have been practically laughed out of the county over my tire planters in the least i have a garden. my bell peppers, brussel sprouts, and tomato plants are taking their time growing..hope they will be big enough to put outside someday. i love your planter boxes...i am fixing to make circles of hardware cloth to go around my tires and have some huge looking pins to plant them with. hopefully to keep the deer out of the garden. any ideas for preventing wildlife from dining in your garden?

  3. The soil temperature has to be high, nothing to do with the baggies. Put them on a heating pad until they germinate.

  4. I'm glad the storm didn't do any real damage. Storm season is here, so watch out and be careful.

  5. I had four kinds of peppers planted in my greenhouse and they just started spouting today which makes it 12 days since planting. These ae growing in the warmest March we've had in years without even having to heat g-house at night. I didn't bother with bottom heat but I usually use an old hot pad under them. Some say putting them on top of frig is a warm place. I say they are just ornery tropicals that want it just so to grow!!!

  6. Thank goodness the plants weren't outside yet when it hailed!


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