Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Stooge Slap

Yep, a stooge slap is needed for one Dr Daniel Gervich of Des Moines Iowa. This idiot says feeding your baby raw milk is "child endangerment" and you should be criminally punished! WTF doc, what about breast feeding? Should we all buy a pump and boil breast milk now? Or is it simply okay to feed THAT kind of raw milk but not raw milk from your own cow or goat? How much did the dairy industry pay you for that idiotic statement?


  1. I think I will have to disagree with both of you. I would not call it child endangerment. He is using a term that will warrant removing a child from its family, not an idea that I like! I think it is risky, but will the govt not allow any of us to use our judgment and take risks? I do not like the tone he uses.

    However, I would not take the chance on feeding raw milk to my baby. That's just me. I won't even drink it myself because it is gross to me. My mother tried to trick me at relatives' houses by pouring it into the glass milk jug I was accustomed to seeing milk bought in. I was not fooled.

    Thanks for food for thought.

  2. Raw milk is dangerous but stuff like McD's Happy Meals are perfectly fine? Um...yeah.

    Glad to see all those years in medical school are being put to good use.

  3. Hey PP! I know, you and I have had this discussion before ;) I do remember you not liking raw milk. That's your decision and you are free to not like it. It doesn't mean nobody should like it or drink it. Neither does it mean that raw milk in itself is dangerous or unhealthy. I personally don't like brussel sprouts. i wouldnt go around saying people that do eat brussel sprouts and feed them to their kids should be charged with child endangerment or arrested ;)

  4. LOL Lorie! You and I are on the same page today no doubt!

  5. raw milk is actually very easy to sterillize and pasterize...so yeah, protesting raw milk is kinda stupid...how about teaching the process of pasturizing milk instead of making raw milk unlawful...


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