Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Gardening

Well, Coley asked how the garden was going so here it is.  Slow but sure!  I'm pretty paranoid about this unusually warm weather and the 10 day forecast is calling for 48F and 49F for 5 nights in a row.  I need 4 cattle panels I can't afford at the moment or I would have radish, carrots and lettuce going out in the dirt.  I have onions and garlic out already and it's a daily battle keeping the goatling off them.    
I put okra, brussel sprouts and zucchini out already with more seed sprouting in case I lose these to cold overnight temps.  The okra made it 3 days before Sissy had them chewed to pieces.  Her head fits thru the panels and the boxes are small enough she could reach.  Thankfully, the panels are keeping the chickens out and the other goats have not even looked at them.
The front garden spot looks great now that all the trash is picked up out of it and it's been turned over a few times.

All 5 of the new goatlings seem to be doing alright.  Now, if the puppies would just quit barking at them!


  1. Looks good! Are you still planning on using the Back to Eden method? I am kind of playing with it now and so far I like the results- less weeds and the ground looks much more consistent in moisture compared to the beds that aren't being done that way (yet). There are a ton of earthworms in the mulch beds,major bonus. I was thinking about putting my tomato plants out but one of the"plant" guys went on a local station and warned people if they plant them now then they will more than likely have to replace them. We still might get some cool days which could stunt them. I hate waiting.I am absolutely starving for a real sun ripened straight off the vine tomato with a little salt on it = heaven on earth :)

  2. Oh coley, it's absolutely driving me nuts with it being so warm during the day and I know I can't plant yet. Yes, I am going to put the wood chip mulch down. I havent done it in the garlic and onion beds yet, i wanted them to be sprouted good and get a little moisture before I put it all down. It's raining now so looks like tomorrow for the chips!

  3. I plant things and cover them when the predictions are for cold. My neighbor took milk jugs with the top cut off and put them over plants and pushed them into the ground. I have poked sticks in the ground and draped sheets over plants too tall for a milk jug. Can you not do any of this? We in the South accommodate cold snaps all the time.

    Also, for a long time I have wondered why you don't put up fences? It seems that might be cheaper than these panels. Of course, I know nothing of goats and things.

    1. Hey PP! yes, we can do all those same things here for cold snaps. It is MO that it is still hard on the seedlings. Wish I had one of those plastic greenhouse things I could build and take down. That would keep a nice bubble of air around them. Ah, the panels as opposed to cheaper field fence. Field fence is too flexible, the goats walk it down and for it to be of any serious protection, must be stretched tight. Dogs and chickens push under it. Cattle panel is stiff wire, stands on it's own, easy to remove and reuse and the goats can't smash it down to get over it. It also can not be pushed up to go under.

  4. here in n.e. miss. we have had more rain the last couple of days. sun shining today so out to the garden i go...i uncovered my beets and beans and put my bean poles in. the seedlings i have taken out of the cold frame and put on the picnic table to harden off some more while waiting for things to dry up some. the seedlings are doing better now that we have had more warmth. know what ya mean about the itch to get to planting your will sure drive you crazy! i am fixing to have my hubby build me some large cages from hardware cloth that i can slip over all my tire planters..that will save having to put fencing up around the garden and still keep the wildlife out of the garden..and will be easy enough to remove as needed. also will be easier to cover incase of a cold snap.


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