Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Future?

Really, is this our future? Being labeled as a terrorist and thrown in jail, treated like a gitmo detainee because we want to eat healthy food? Oh, wait, gitmo detainees get treated better than this! God forbid we share that healthy food. What's next, public hangings for passing carrots around? I have been following the raw food (raw milk) fight in the communist state of California for a while now and what has recently happened to James Stewart and Sharon Palmer should have every American citizen up in arms, disgusted to the point of vomiting and down right pissed as hell. The actions of the LA County DA is nothing short of Stalin, Marx or Hitler. Since when is this behavior acceptable and mind you, this is all over something the County created! Read the whole story via the links on the page, there's tons to this tangled web of lies and deceit. These people aren't serial killers or war criminals. they operate a CSA and promote healthy food.

I eat real, healthy food I grow right here. I butcher my own critters that I raised right here being fed healthy diets without antibiotics or steroids and I drink RAW MILK! According to the USDA, that makes me a terrorist. So be it, I will not eat the government approved poison they are pushing. I got 2 words for the USDA and one starts with F and the other starts with Y and I have a whole herd of middle fingers to go with them. HOW DARE THEM even think they have any right to tell me what I can and can't eat? WTF?

What is it going to take for the sheep in this country to put the bottle of soda and frozen pizza down, step away from the TV and wake up to what's happening in this country? If the USDA endorses drinking a glass of sulphuric acid for breakfast, are you actually going to do it? The USDA says it's safe and healthy, so why wouldn't you? You're an obedient slave to the government, right?

Once again, I am in complete amazement when I think of how we managed to make it this far as humans eating all that lousy and dangerous food that we grew for ourselves. Damn those Victory gardens, millions died from them and they should rightly be OUTLAWED. Don't even think about planting that sweet pepper plant in your front yard instead of a landscaping bush! Drop that peach! Don't even think about eating a blackberry that hasn't been boiled and then drown in high fructose corn syrup! 50 lashes for not consuming your daily allowance of cardboard in your cornflakes!

ARG, now I'm so mad I can't even finish eating breakfast. Guess the puppies get my healthy, home grown breakfast instead.....


  1. Better hope PETA doesn't find out that you fed those puppies such an "UNHEALTHY" breakfast...those dogs count more than people do.....

    Seriously.... I agree with everything you said. I just don't know what else I can do. I call... I write, I email and I donate when I can. It is all to no avail. I literally cringe with every little thing I have to purchase from the stores not knowing what is slowly killing us. I believe that all of my unknown allergies is from GMO foods. Since I have stopped eating almost all processed foods I have not had to give myself a shot with an epi-pen and make a mad dash to the emergency room.

  2. I am astounded. After I read your post and the attending articles, I had to leave your blog. Just leave and walk around in a stupor. Then, I came back and read it again! This is horrible. I just don't know how this can happen in America. I hope no one takes away my hens or makes me eat eggs from mutilated and tortured chickens.

  3. for the last fifteen years, i have not eaten anything from fast food or even regular restraunts, and i do not buy nor consume processed foods from grocery stores. for fifteen years now, i know exactly what i am putting in my mouth and i have not had any serious allergies or illnesses related to the digestive tract. and i have saved money doing this too! i no longer buy into everything my government tells me and i want them to stay the heck away from my kitchen, my garden, my bedroom, my water supply and everything else as well.

  4. I don't know anything about the milk man, but I heard/read that sharon palmer/healthy family farms was repackaging store chickens and selling them as pastured. Same with eggs and other products. Through rawsome. She was ripping people off and making them sick when they thought they were buying healthy stuff.
    If this is true, she deserves whatever she gets.

    1. Not really trying to pick an argument, but in light of the tactics employed by those persecuting anyone that doesn't march the goosestep of our lovely government...I call BS on your fraud claims.

  5. She is being charged with not paying off her creditors and James is being persecuted for knowing her. He is in no legal way involved with anything Sharon has allegedly done but is being punished as well. Even if she did do what she is charged with, you're okay with how they are being treated? You consider what's being done to them without being convicted of a crime as acceptable?

  6. " do we managed to make it this far..." My thoughts exactly! I was pondering this very question yesterday.

  7. It all boils down to the fact that independent people scare the crap out of the government. The easiest thing for the government to do is call "unsafe!" or "public endangerment", and try to force folks to play by their rules.
    "Oh, we're not saying that you CAN'T grow your own food, or share the food you've grown. BUT, if you do, it will fall under these inspection guidelines and this is the amount of tax and fees you will be charged."
    This is truly an outrageous case! Maybe if more real criminals were subjected to this treatment, I'll bet you the rate of habitual offenders would decrease tremendously.
    Makes me so angry.

  8. Just read this post and it is shocking. I know that things sometimes get blown out of proportion by people with their own agendas, but if even a small fraction of the information is true, it is more than serious. As for me, I will grow and eat whatever I please and if they want to stop me, they better come prepared. It is one thing to put out tons of bad press on healthy food (which they do constantly), but to criminalize it and those who promote it is insane. And all for the financial gain of keeping everyone buying the processed crap.

    Thanks for the heads up, yet another disaster to prep for.


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