Monday, March 12, 2012

Goat proofing Strawberries

With such nice weather and a good belly full of anger from what I read this morning, I got busy with the strawberry box. Since I can't keep berries with goats around, I have to come up with a box and a shield of some sort to keep wayward goats out of them. I got the box built and filled and Lil Sister had to inspect it. At least she didn't pee in it for me.

The puppies are trying hard to herd the goats but the only one that pays any attention to them is Lucky goat. That fat goat is going to have a heart attack if he keeps running from those puppies!

Now I know why my tractor key keeps finding it's way to the ground. The goatlings think the tractor is a jungle gym!


  1. For Goats and Puppies .... EVERYTHING is a toy!!! lol
    I look forward to your future posts on how you goat proof your berries. I could use some tips in that department, especially if it will chicken proof them, too!

  2. Even thought it is a pain they are so cute!

  3. LOL I think the goats want to learn to operate that tractor! They're just trying to help you out. :)
    Anonymous Homesteader

  4. How gunny, we planted our strawberries this last weekend in some big tractor tires and as soon as we turned our backs the chickens were in them digging the plants back up.
    We are having to use bird netting and a little fence to keep them out.
    Good luck.


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