Thursday, February 16, 2012

World War 3 in the Kitchen

The puppy alarm clock went off again at 5am, LOL It's good tho, I have things to do today. The war starts when I put the food bowls down. 3 bowls, 3 puppies. Do you think they can eat out of their own bowls? heck no, they have to get into each others bowls, bark, growl and throw fits. Then, throw a couple of cats into the mix! Wow!

Some of the seeds have sprouted. I was hoping for a better amount by now but the last 4 days of overcast and cold haven't helped much. There's no moldy peat pellets so I think I'm in good shape still. The sun is supposed to come out today, maybe I'll get some new sprouts from it.

The floors need scrubbed, again, as usual. No getting around it with 3 puppies, 8 kittens and a baby goat in the house. Time for a whole pot of coffee. Speaking of which, I have some fresh coffee beans headed my way in the mail. i will be starting new coffee plants soon. Hopefully these seeds are fresh enough to actually sprout instead of mold in the dirt.


  1. Lol that would be a site to see, puppies vs food vs cats. Did you get your mulch spread over the garden?

  2. Hey Coley, no, not yet. Still got horses on it and it's a mud hole. It'll need some serious prep before I put the wood chip mulch down and a new winter spot for the horses to be set up. Blackberries are looking good and i got a spot all set for them. They're leafed out in the bucket so I'll wait til after the last frost to set them. Plus, I need some fencing to protect them from the goats before i set them out.

  3. Do you sprout all your seeds in zip locks? How well does it work?

  4. Hannah,
    Those baggies are a miracle in my life. They work just fine!

    Those dogs in house and goat in bed would drive me stark raving mad! But, I like hearing about your house.

  5. LOL PP, yes, they drive me crazy too but I guess I like the aggrevation, LOL.

    Hi Hanna, yes, I sprout everything but the direct planting stuff (beans, corn etc) I don't do coffee that way or herbs tho. Both seem to mold from the "too humid" conditions. Tomatoes love this method, tobacco too. Those Jiffy greenhouses do NOT work for me and it's too drafty in here to just air sprout them so this method works well here and it works every time.

  6. Thank you very much i am new at all this and can use all the advice i can get...

    Btw i LOVE your blog.... so much info!


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