Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rambly Day

It's overcast today, some rain coming in for tonight. Still too cold overnight for the mud to really do too much drying out and I'm not even close to having a spot to put the cows and horses so I can work up the garden spot. I have been working on seeds and I noticed this morning that the Dill is sprouting thru the dirt in the milk jug planter. The seed I started Friday is starting to sprout in the baggies as well. I've been too busy with other responsibilities to do much cooking and baking. I am not too happy about that. Hard to eat healthy that way and I miss my bread! I refuse to eat that store bought crap passed off as bread so if I don't bake it, we don't eat bread. Just the thought of consuming ground up human hair or duck feathers is all it takes, LOL.

Lil Sister is getting over her encounter with the goat wormer. Poor thing, baby goats should not chew the goat wormer bag. Never would have dreamed she could reach that bag way up on that shelf, but she did. Glad she lived thru it with no lasting effects.

Grizz has claimed the desk rug for himself and defends it so he can lounge as his whim. Lil Sister wanted to sleep with her favorite kitten but could not fit in the hole so she did the next best thing. That goofy goat slept with the kitten standing up, with her head in the hole and the kitten curled up next to her.

This week will be chickens week. At least, that's what I want to get done. I have a bunch of work to do that will directly affect the chickens and the egg laying situation. The need to protect them from the hawks is increasing and I'm just plain tired of the daily easter egg hunt. That dang coop is gonna get finished!

I also need to do something about the old, rotting rabbit hutches. I hate to breed if the kits will just end up falling out of the hutches. What keeps the big rabbits in, I just don't know. I've lost 3 big rabbits in the past 2 weeks, they're not in the hutches anymore. Technically not lost, I see them in the yard, just can't catch the buggers. One buck and 2 young does. Not like I have somewhere to put them once I catch them. This place is just plain falling apart around me. Lots of work to do...


  1. Th kid sleeping with its head in the hole to be with the kitten is just the funniest thing ever. You certainly have lots going on around there. No wonder you have no time to bake!

  2. time just seems to slip by when we have umpteen things that really need doing..and when there is only one thing that we reall do not wanna do the time just crawls. hope to get my seed started in the next few days. rain is in the air for tonite too.. i looked outside this morning and he hyacinths are in full bloom as well as the magnolia tree and the red buds are popping out. everything is budding and blooming..i sure hope we do not have a late freeze.

  3. That kid is a hoot! Does it realize it's a goat?
    Wow, you really have a lot on your plate, those chicks and rabbits are $$in your pocket if you van get the pens set. The weather is still yo-yoing here also & I've held off starting seeds. I just know we will have more snow. Hang in there girl!

  4. That picture of Lil Sister is so cute. Those daily projects can be overwhelming at times so just take a deep breath and go AHHHAAAAMMMM! Or go sit and eat a big piece of cake, that calms me right down. HAHA!

  5. I showed the dog and goat picture to exbf when he came here today. He usually just smiles, but he laughed at the pictures when I told him you had two orphan goats, three puppies, and at least two kittens in the house. He thought the sleeping goat was cute, the sleeping with its favorite kitten.


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