Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nasty Mood

Yep, today is one of those nasty moods. It's mostly because of what happened yesterday and then waking up to 3 very noisy stock puppies. They are a handful, all the time. They can't help it, they're just puppies. The bowel movement thing is getting better and they're anxious to go out every morning so poop isn't my problem, not really anyway. They actually use the paper for the most part now.

Yesterday, I had to get a couple tires put on the dually. I'd run the pair of left rears to the cords and the inside dual has been flat for a couple of weeks now. There goes $350. So, I had the tires from the front put onto the back duals so the 2 new ones were on the front. My trusted tire guy comes to me and says " You need to come take a look at this". Of course, my heart sinks instantly. My right side ball joint is completely ate out and you can literally lift it out of socket, both inner tie rods are shot and the left side ball joint bushing is gone. Hmmm, I was thinking that the squeak I was hearing was the front shocks. Guess what happened when I pulled in the driveway with it. Yep, you got it, broken truck. This is the only vehicle I have to drive. I'm waiting on an estimate before I have it towed to the repair shop. Kind of glad hubster is already at work for the week. Guess he will just have to stay there until the truck is fixed. Good thing since we're gonna need the money. Of course he won't like it much since he doesn't really want to work anyway. So much for the new orchard and used farm equipment. The worst of this is my son's truck is broken too. He lost the tensioner pulley last week. The holder bolt broke on it. So, we got a new belt and a new tensioner pulley assembly but we can't get the hardened aluminum bolt out of the bracket. Have not found a bracket yet. He still needs to go to work every day. He likes his job and his paycheck tho and will find a way to get there no matter what.

So, I went to bed not really in a good mood. Then, in the middle of the night, Sissy peed the bed. Wake up at 6am to an overcast day and 3 stock puppies heeling me around the house and biting my toes. Open the door, out they go, time to feed Sissy. Now, the goat is fed, the puppies are back in the house and the obnoxious "hey, I'm awake, fed and I feel good" chase is on. The 4 of them will jump on and run across every piece of furniture I own, knock everything they possibly can down and bark for the next half hour. Yay rah! LOL I need a cup of coffee.......


  1. Oh, girl, when it rains it pours! At least hes working and the income will be there. The equipment will come or at least the use of it. Can you trade cheese or labor for the equipment use from a neighbor?

  2. Hey kati, nope, cow dried up on me and goats arent ready to be milked yet so no cheese. Eh, some income anyway. Even living in the parking lot, he still manages to not find his way to work. It's an ongoing struggle that needs to end.

  3. Grr that stinks. I know everything is looking kind of down right now but just think of this. Here in a month or so spring crops will be ready to go in the ground. :)

  4. Wow! I need a coffee too, and I don't drink coffee! lol

  5. lord have mercy...sometimes life on the farm is alot more like that old sitcom "green acres" than we care to admit. we are being rained on now again for the third day in a row..gotta lake in the front yard and my two dogs of course smell like "wet dog"-aint no other smell like it-yuck. muddy paw prints everywhere. none of my seed catalogs have come-i think the mailman kept ' had to order an emergency order today. well, pour yourself another cuppa joe and i will join you..


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