Friday, February 3, 2012

Moving on with life

The empty spot in our hearts is hard to bear and the loss of a valuable stock dog is rough but life has to go on here. Lil Sister is hard headed and is not as much fun as Lucky goat was. Sissy has no intention of ever being house broke so the extra work cleaning up after her careless lifestyle is annoying to say the least. She needs to hurry up and grow so I can throw her little butt out of the house!

Enter the 3 new puppies. Each will create a special nook in our hearts and at least one will grow up and become the stock dog we need around here. I am once again not disappointed by the incredible intelligence of the Australian Cattle Dog (red and blue heelers). 2 days and these tiny puppies are paper training. 3 days and they are already herding the cats and Lil Sister. Now if they will just quit chewing on everything, LOL

11 days to seed starting! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I've already been sorting my seeds and playing with them. Planning and dreaming of the coming bounty. I can't wait to get some new raised beds built and get the wood chips spread out into the garden rows. I have some fence fixing to do as well. I can't have those darn goats getting in the garden again this year. They are much too hard on the plants and I need to be able to harvest what I'm planting for myself.

The unusually warm weather bothers me. it's hardly been cold enough to kill off any of the pest larvae and I wonder how bad they will be come spring. I'm also a little concerned about the trees already starting to bud up. If we get a cold snap, how badly will it damage the fruit and nut harvest? It's still a few weeks before the official flood season gets here, I wonder how badly this weird weather is going to affect how much we flood? ARG, the waiting and worrying kills me. Come on spring, get here and get it over with already! LOL


  1. I agree with your concerns about the weather. We need the hard freeze to kill all the skeeters and bugs or there will be h### to pay this summer. I was checking the berries and we've green shoots popping through the soil! I figure we will see the freezing the end of Feb first of march.

  2. OMG, they are way too cute(pups)! I am betting on some late season snow falls to kick in the butt whatever plants people get in a hurry and plant. I have onions,celery,peppers,lettuce,cauliflower,broccoli, tomatoes, and herbs started already. With the lack of cold air we aren't keeping the house quite as dry and warm as we have the past 2 years which is harder on the seedlings. They are saying on the news that ticks , fleas and mosquitoes are going to be horrible this year. So I guess that means every other bug is going to be bad as well. I also have been hearing that fruit crops are going to be down. Well here is to a good gardening year!!! By the way, how are your blackberry plants looking?

  3. we are a bit worried here in n.e.mississippi too regarding the weird weather..we have had plenty of rain but it has been far too warm. everything is trying to bud. our big oak trees are usually the last tree around here to shed their brown leaves...and they are flat out naked...i am hoping that is a sign that mother nature is not gonna become a cold natured beast at the last moment before official spring. my sister in law raises australian shepherds..they are wonderful dogs for herding and they are very smart and loveable too.

  4. Stop worrying so much.. I have a feeling that this will be the best spring in many..... and if it isn't.... well just call me Sci!!!
    Love ya girl, good luck!!!

  5. Good luck with the pups! We are having the oddest winter here that I can rmember. At least we have had solid freezing.

  6. In the ten-day forecast, there is no day that is anywhere near winter. It was 74 last week. I am still wearing sandals after a two-week, shoe-wearing stint.

    Iam afraid the bugs will be horrid, mosquitoes and everything. You inspire me to start seeds!

    The puppies are cute. I just could not stand them inside. One chewing is a nightmare, but three? I hope you have furniture and shoes I am glad you are not so sad now.


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