Wednesday, February 8, 2012

it's that time again

Yep, it's seed staring time. I jumped the gun by a week but I couldn't stand it. Happens to me every year, LOL. I've got some cold crop seed going, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc plus some of my major crops. The seedlings are good sellers so I always start a couple dozen more than I intend to plant for myself.

There's my puppy! He's a dandy and making a niche for himself with his unique personality.

Nothing like some fresh baked bread. I whipped this double recipe up at the last minute for supper last night. Hardly got rise time but it came out really nice.

Lil Sister getting her morning attention! Sissy is starting to chew on everything and the squirt bottle is getting a workout. Never a dull moment around here.

Well, back to scrubbing the floors....


  1. This evening, the Wife said she would let me use her desk for starting seeds. Since one of the boys moved back in I lost my usual place. That'll be tomorrows project. Looking forward to the garden time again!

  2. OH! I can't wait, I figure I'll set the trays up next week. I really like your baggie idea though. We've been dumping loads of rabbit poo in the garden for months so it should be in even better shape this year. My fingers are itching to get in that dirt....just remind me I said that come August will you? hahaha

  3. I'm still in a container garden situation, since we live in an apartment, but I've started up with my first batch of salad greens (a mix of about half a dozen different leafy greens), and am getting the yellow cherry tomatoes that yielded a good harvest in our short growing season last year started. They'll get to hang from hooks on the patio this year, and I'm experimenting with staggering the planting of a few plants, so that I can hopefully get a longer yield of them.


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