Saturday, February 25, 2012

Got Sprouts Going

The sun is back out today after a day of little ice balls and rain. The wind yesterday, it was vicious! Of course, I spent all day fretting over my seeds and seedlings with the constant drafts in this place. Doesn't seem to be any casualties today tho. Now, if I can just keep Lil Sister from jumping up on everything and eating the tops of my seedlings!

Another week or so and I will be out building strawberry boxes, a couple of raised beds and prepping ground for the new garden spots. it will still be a while before the main garden spot is ready to be worked. plenty of slop/mud still in it.

Lil Sister has been a BAD goat. She's ripping everything she can reach off the storage shelves, chewing on everything, pee'n all over the place and just being a general PITA. Geez, I miss Lucky goat. Actually, it makes me appreciate Lucky all the more. What a good boy he was, even when he was being bad.

Sonya pup got her stitches out of her stump yesterday. Poor pup, you should have seen the look on her face when I carried her into the vets office! I know she was thinking about what might get cut off THIS time, LOL After the wire stitches came out and the stump was all clean, she suddenly loved the vet, go figure. Now she's back to wagging her tail (stump). Poor dog held that stump still for the last 2 weeks, never moved it one tiny bit. Now, she's fascinated with her new stump/tail and spends time chasing it and trying to play with it. She's so rolly polly, she can't quite get it. Probably a good thing, it kept her from chewing on it. To the boys' credit, they didn't either so we've got a good healing job.

Well, off to scrub floors, the puppies left me some land mines overnight........


  1. Stump? What stump? What happened? Did I miss something? Did you tell us about it?

  2. I'm so jealous of all your windows! We just have the one small one here to work with. Just look at all those beautiful baggies!!!

    I like your "take" on the milkjug idea. Looking good, my friend.

  3. Was wondering what gardening zone you are in? I haven't started seeds yet as I am in 4a.

  4. ... did you have the puppies tails docked? or was there an accidental injury?

  5. Hey PP! Maybe I didn't post about the accident. Here's what happened... the pups were here 2 days and they were running and fighting thru the kitchen. They slid around the corner of the island and banged off the free weights I use for the cheese press that were leaned against the wall. The 2 25lb weights fell over and smashed Sonyas tail. It broke her tail about half way down. It swelled up and got an infection at the impact site so being a good pet owner, I took her down to my friend the local vet and asked him about it. We discussed it and he said he could nip it off and fix the problem right quick so now Sonya has a stump. Wasn't intentional and I think Heelers need their tails but I didn't want her to be in pain or sick.

    Hey Sci! I need more milk jugs! LOL The windows are great until mid summer when they bake ya like a roast!

    Hi Phiddy! I'm in zone 6 and I start my seeds around Valentines day every year in the hope that there's just 6 more weeks of icky weather ;)

    Hello Anon, it was an accident. Little
    Sonya got her tail smashed and I worried for her health because of it. She's still got half a tail tho!

  6. hey need some caulk and some of that foam stuff in a can..get those drafts fixed so you wont be heating or cooling the outdoors. it will save you some bucks too on the utility bills.

  7. Hi Anon, yep, you're right, those things would help but the problem here is those crappy,vinyl flip out windows that get installed in cheapass double wide house trailers. They bow out and leak at the tops. My ideal fix would be a gallon of gasoline (hate this crappy trailer with a passion)! We seal em up every winter with duct tape but the goat peels it off all the time for me. There's not much I will be doing about the serious lack of decent insulation in this cheapass trailer either. So, it's just something I put up with and deal with.


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