Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Construction Day

I needed some extra space and some puppy/goat protection for my desk things so today was construction day. I built myself a desk with some shelves on top of it to keep little chewers from ruining my stuff. I also worked a bit on that milk jug planter idea. I need some more milk jugs to finish it and I didn't quite follow the original plan. I just kind of winged it. As I get a few more milk jugs, I'll post pictures of what I did with mine.

How about those airplane ears on Lil Sister? She's growing like crazy and has just now started to munch on soaked alfalfa cubes. A couple more weeks and she will be ready for the barn lot full time.

Looks like I might need to restart a few seeds. I did get a few of the sweet peppers sprout today but some of these seed sets are 14 days old now and should be sprouted by now. i think the cold and overcast smoked them. hard to get good germination when the peat pellets are constantly cold. Oh well, happens every year so just have to start some more when we have a few sunny days in a row.

Now to clean up all the sawdust those darn puppies scattered....


  1. The puppies are cute!! I am having problems with some of my seeds too. It's too warm at times to have the wood burning furnace going so it cools off just enough to cause problems.

  2. Hey Coley, it feels fine in the house but those peat pellets feel freezing cold. I just cant win, LOL. If it ever works exactly like I think it should work, I will prolly fall over from shock!

  3. We are having the same problems here with our seeds. I've got a few tomato's coming up and a couple of other things, but NO peppers and that just won't do!! I'm going to have to restart them. MM? You don't think its to late to start more peppers do you?
    Love those "airplane" ears on Lil Sister. Man, she's growing up fast.

    1. me too :( except i lost most of my started plants when DS cracked the window to get some fresh air...it was 50 degrees...and the seedlings dropped dead...except for 2 cucks...
      oh well...it's still early enough(actually, just about right) to start again.
      good luck everybody...hope everything turns out better than you hope for

  4. here in n.e.mississippi my seed is still in the mail room somewhere..hope it comes in the next day or two...as anxious as i am to get them started though, i think i am gonna wait until at least the first week of march. it has been off and on hot and cold here with way too much wet stuff..feel like we might never dry out. all of your puppies and the baby goat under your desk is what happens around here too...for some reason my dogs think the footwell of our desks are their homes..

  5. Hey Sci! Like Xtron said, it's just about the right time and you can keep starting seeds. I do, all the way up to the 1st of April around here.

    Anon, I just got some seed in the mail yesterday, I got it going already. it's those coffee beans I'm hoping will grow instead of mold.

    Hey PP! She jumps up mostly but I have a piece of plywood to put in the front of it when I'm not home to keep her from stomping and chewing all my stuff.


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