Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy with Nothing

Seems like the busier I seem to be and more stressed I feel, the less I get done. The truck got fixed and it wiped out the tax return. So much for the grand plan. Seems like it's the way it always is, at least for the last 3 years anyway. The puppies made me a huge mess while i was picking up the truck. Partly my own fault for leaving the trash bag by the door and not taking it out. What there is that's so interesting about a cat box, I guess I will never know. At least the box was clean.

The week long overcast days have taken a toll on the seed sprouting. I've lost a couple baggies to dampening off even with the heater going for them. I need to get more sprouting shelf space built since I can't use the bottom of the old sprouting table with the goat in the house. I've got some scrap around here I can use but no screws so maybe I can get some this week and get it set up. I've got a bunch of aluminum cans I can trade in.

I've been looking at this cool design over at Coach House Crafting. Scifichick hooked me up with this link. I think I will give this a try as an indoor herb garden the cats and goat can't munch on.

Other than that, it's been just the same old thing here, bored and waiting for spring!


  1. my puppy (old now) used to LOVE the cat box. I eventually used a baby gate to keep him away from it, but he never failed to grab what I called a "puppy snack" from it if he could. (blech)

  2. i no longer have cats so i dont worry about that box anymore. and my two sharpeis are very well behaved in the house...they live such a boring life. last year when i was sprouting seed i used cardboard (dog food) boxes as trays...set them on the seat of the porch swing, and tented it all with clear contractor bags..seems we get mighty creative when we need to...the only thing that my dogs do that drives me right up a wall crazy is when they wanna come in, they litterally bang on the door like a 600lb man wanting to bust the door in. and they will do this going back to bed after letting them outside...cant shut them off like an alarm clock either...doggone it!

  3. Thank you for that link. I'm trying something this year to keep the cats out of my seedlings. I planted some seeds on 20 oz. plastic bottles, then put an S hook towards the top of the bottle. Then I attached them to a baby gate and set the baby gate high up in the window. It looks like hell and I've seen the neighbors staring but I don't care. So far, it's working.

  4. That link is a neat idea, thanks! Our return is going to auto repairs, too. Glad to have it to put towards the repairs, but not happy to HAVE to do that.


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