Monday, February 13, 2012

A Bit of Spring

I've got lots of seeds going in their little peat pellet baggie greenhouses. The group I started on the 7th is looking pretty good with some seeds already sprouted. Not much evidence of growth in the newer seed bags yet, it's been overcast and cold here. The pups are getting better about being housebroke but they still can't make it overnight without having accidents. Lil Sister is a lost cause. So very cute but just not the sharpest tool in the box. Oh well, they all can't be Lucky goat.

I am really excited about this years planting and the wood chips in the garden. I have such high expectations for it all. It better perform like I hope it will or I;m gonna be a mad gardener, LOL. Either way, it can't be any worse than last year with the drowning rains and scorching heat. With no hay equipment and no prospects for replacing the damaged equipment, guess I won't be overheating myself in the hay field. Not too sure what I'm going to do to feed the critters for next winter tho. Can't afford to buy hay from somebody else. I guess I'll jump that hurdle when I get to it. God ain't gonna miracle a couple grand into my bank account to buy some used equipment and I can only handle one problem at a time around here.

Guess i better get back to scrubbing the floors....


  1. Try doing a google search for "mammoth long red mangel beets". I don't know if you have heard of them or not, but it is a feed that used to be grown and used a lot, before we became so dependent on feed stores.
    Dave and I are planning on growing a patch of them this year and see how they do with some of the critters for winter feed, especially the goats and chickens. Looks like they are highly nutritious, including high in protein. The tops and small bottoms are suppose to be great for human use, too. I am anxious to try some.
    I plan on writing a full post about them soon, but saw your post and had to take a moment to share with you.
    As for that money miracle.... you never know. I am hoping and praying for one, too. You never know when something will unexpectedly come up. And, answers often come in ways we weren't expecting, or considering, sometimes even working better than what we were wishing for or thinking of. Good luck and blessings to you for that equipment you need!

  2. Those photos shure are cute. It looks as if Lil Sis rules the roost so to speak. Good luck with the equipment & keeping you in my prayers

  3. I'll add my prayers for a solution to happen as well as K's.

  4. My hens hate beets. But those beets may be better tasting or your chicks may be beet loving hens. My hens do like sweet potatoes and green beans.

    You never say how your husband is or if he can work. Just wondering since he was so ill for so long.

  5. Maybe you can get a neighbor to crop share your hay. They can do the baleling for half, or whatever. Maybe some other bartering would be required also.Could work in a pinch for you.
    Good Luck, Mike

  6. Happy Valentine's Day!

    I have picturesque images of neighbours helping neighbours, and making hay by hand pitching it onto the wagon once it's dry. It's mearly a mirage I know and not very realistic, but I'm going to keep pituring something positive and beautiful like that for you and send it out to the universe on your behalf.

  7. When I saw the photo of the red puppy with the dark spots around it's eyes I thought that one should be called Bandit. Are you going to keep all of them? I would think it would be hard to get rid of any of them. They are all so cute.

  8. LOL MM I should have known you would be starting your seeds early, every year you say.. "I'm not gonna" then every year ya do! heheheee
    Lucky is one in a million for sure. That's why he's "lucky"!
    Good luck with all you do my friend. I'm here if ya need me.


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