Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nasty surprise

Not on my top 10 favorite list, waking up to cold, muddy and spitting snow. Last night I milked the cow in a t-shirt and this morning the floor is cold enough to warrant fuzzy socks. I can't help but wonder what's on old Mother Natures mind when she throws crazy weather like this at us.

Yesterday was the second cheese class. I had 3 students for this one and I'm really enjoying the reactions when the milk turns into real cheese. One student had been trying to make cheese with a pretty good book of recipes and had not found success with it. It brought back memories of me trying to make cheese by following those recipes I have and all those nasty wheels of cheese even the dog wouldn't eat. As we went thru the process of cooking the curds down, i could see the "light" come on and I knew that student would never see failure again. I'm finding it to be a very rewarding experience and I'm really looking forward to the next 2 classes I have scheduled. Not sure how I'm going to get thru it all physically tho, it really wipes me out. The interesting thing about it all is the conversation during the class. There's more people than I thought out there worried about commercial foods, our economy, what's happening in our country and what our future holds. I think that some folks in our country are circling back toward the old ways, a Renaissance of sorts. Not necessarily a bad thing in my mind.

Well, I better get to the farm chores, I might have baby goats out there and I need to make a lasagna with all this store bought milk ricotta cheese I have sitting in the fridge.....


  1. in 1967 i was a troubled teenager sent to her grandmother for the summer...good country air, and very little trouble to get into. anyway, across the road from my grandmas house was a large farm that just happened to have a girl and a boy my age..we made friends pretty quickly and grandma knew i was okay and behaving myself. the mother of my new friends did everything the old way...wood stove, water pump, treadle sew.machine, outhouse, etc...anyway that summer, l learned alot...i soaked up knowledge of being self reliant like a sponge soaks up water. i even learned to sterilize jars and canning food from the garden over an open fire in their backyard. this lady is dead and buried now, but i think of her and her ways every day and try to do the same....especially over the last five years or so. i think that part of the problem with folks wanting to be self reliant these days is they have no one to teach them the ways...and then of course there are those folks who turn up their noses and think that sorta life is stoneage living...

  2. That is a great testimony to change in location and friends being the key to changing teens. The location and friends were amazing teachers for you. Every teen should be so lucky.

  3. Someday, someday, I will have a few goats. And I hope to make cheese like that too!!


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