Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just Plain Crazy

I just went outside and herded up some wayward goats in a t-shirt. This is what it looked like last year at this time. Brutal cold, snow, ice, just plain unpleasant. Today it's sunny and comfortable outside in a t-shirt. We've had weird winters like this before and I'm not really complaining, I just know the other shoe will drop before long and I will miss this really nice weather!

Not too awful much has been going on around the farm. Just the same old stuff that happens in the winter months. Lots of cooking, animal tending and piddling around.

Of course, the seed catalogs are coming in now and I find myself day dreaming of spring. As the month of January drags by, I will be chomping at the bit to get seeds started in the hopes that we won't have a repeat of last years' spring. Ah, but don't be fooled by my dreaming, i already have a couple plants going strong in the kitchen, waiting for warmer weather! The blackberries Coley sent me are primed, in some good compost and waiting for the spring weather to get here. The raspberries my neighbor gave me are right next to them, waiting just as patiently. The cherry tomatoes are on the floor, in a bucket, trying to be patient, flowering anyway, LOL.

I'm even thinking about planting a new raised bed with some market veges, hybrids from Gurneys or Johnnys Seeds. While I'm not fond of hybrids for myself (can't seed save etc) I'm not against F1 hybrids for market uniformity and big harvest. I'll have to decide quick tho since seed starting time is just a few weeks away. If the weather stays like it is, I'll have that raised bed done in no time!


  1. For a moment, I thought you went out in that snow in a t-shirt! It was 58 at 3 am here a few nights ago. That is just too weird.

  2. It's crazy weather here too in NW Florida. We were 18 degrees a few days ago and today we have on shorts and t-shirts.

  3. northeast miss. has been high 50's at night and up to 70 degrees daytime..the past three days. today we had thunderstorm with light rains while the sun remained shining...go figure! while the storms were going on outside, i decided to reorganize my bedroom/workroom/office...its a big room thank goodness...anyway, nothing like making a mess to clean a mess so i just dove right in and got 'er done... now i have a bedroom area with easy access to adjoining bathroom, and the remainng half of the room got divided up between my office/business stuff and my sewing/quilting stuff...turned out really well..and by george! i got floor space i did not know i had... i have not received any seed catalogs yet but looking forward to getting them this year...just in case though i am glad that i have been saving seed.

  4. Shorts today in south Texas (gotta love it). Here's hoping this year is much better, you "domestic terrorist" you : )

  5. LOL Craig! Same things going on here too this month. I refuse to fuss though.. how can you when it's so beautiful out? Girl, I envy you with having seed starting already. I'm being sorely tempted with this weather to try and start some tomato's outside but being in our "little bitty trailer" there is just no place to even let them get started.

    On another note, I took your advice and the bunnies are ALL on diets. Lets see if THAT works!

  6. My first question has to be about why the goats were in a t-shirt in the first place.

    Seriously though, we are having the same sort of thing here in Oklahoma. Nighttime lows of 45 are not normal by any stretch, and this morning looks and feels like a spring rain is coming. To top it off, the forecast calls for warm temps and thunderstorms early in the week.

    Just hope we don't pay too heavily later on for the nice weather.

  7. PP! Oh, you know we're going to be hammered for this nice weather, there's no getting around it!

    Hi MammaBear! The weather did that here too! it's still nice, looks like another week of it and then into the cold. That figures.

    Hello Anon! i do that too when the weather is nasty. It seems like a never ending project here tho. Hard living with no storage space at all!

    Craig! I missed you! I have a whole new year to be even more of a "terrorist" and I've got some super hot peppers lined up for the "evil" concoction, LOL Hot peppers and sweet corn, I'm taking over the world!

    Hey Scifi! I am showing good self control (not! LOL) You know how bad I want to start little seeds, hehehehe. Those rabbits better behave themselves. Give them a couple weeks on the diet and try again. They'll breed.

    Dave! ROFL! Did I write it like the goats were modeling fashion? hehehehe I saw some cool dog coats at rural king, maybe I'll sew them up some coats for the coming bad weather! Thanks for the idea! hehehehe

  8. Thank you for sharing the link of back to Eden! I am rather intrigued and am currently doing some research on the subject {my comp is not allowing me to watch the videos today so I am searching around the net for more info before attempting to watch them again}.


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