Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dang Deer and Happy

Happy happy joy joy! Visions of Stimpy cat from the cartoon dancing around, LOL The power company guys are really coming thru with the wood chips for my "back to eden" garden plan. I'm excited because I know this will work out great here and really improve my gardens. Just not having to sit there and watch the weeds grow like crazy every time it rains because it's too muddy to go out in it and weed is going to make me very happy.

So much for my pretty truck! I big fat doe and her 2 buddies ran out in front of me Sunday night. I stomped the brakes and moved over as far as I could without getting in the ditch and got her head with the dually flare. Spun her around and she flat sided the wheel well. Oh well, it's better than staying in the path I was driving, hitting the 2nd in line with the front end and having the third one smack the side of the truck. This is the 5th deer I've whacked since November 1st. 19 years I went without hitting a deer and now all this. Go figure! The real kicker was she fell down, flopped around, got back up and ran off!

No baby goats yet. I guess they're all waiting for the nasty weather to get here. Why can't they kid when it's nice instead of when it's freezing cold? Kid watch continues....


  1. Sorry abt the damage to your truck,so far I have never hit a deer,but that is subject to change! I like those wood chips,they will be a boon for your garden! Blessings Jane

  2. What a catastrophic hit--3 deer. She may have run off from the adrenaline to collapse and die or die later of injuries.

    What a lot of chips you got. Congratulations! They ought to smother any weeds or thwart any attempts to grow.

  3. I am jealous! The wood chipper guys just came through here around Christmas but I couldn't get a hold of them for the chips. We are wanting to do the back to eden plan too, starting with our blackberries and fruit trees. Stinks about the truck. The deer is probably black and blue..not great for eating. Good luck on the wood chips thing!

  4. Poor truck! Back in my wilder days, about a hundred years ago, I hit a deer with my '69 Camaro that I had just had completely restored...Talk about sick...Loving that big ol' pile of wood chips!

  5. Sorry about the truck! Such a shame you didn't at least get some meat out of it.

    Sooo jealous of all the chips. We are doing the Back to Eden thing too and have been chipping every downed limb we can get our hands on. I have enough for my fruit trees and brambles. A pile the size of yours would be a lifetime supply for our small place. Congrats! Look forward to reading about how the garden does this year.

  6. lol, traveling the scenic route just about every day on the natchez trace parkway and deer are truly plentiful...same with turkey too. our problem with deer is not hitting them with our vehicles but actually stopping in time..only to have the deer run smack into us...yep, happened twice so far. how did you get your power company to deliver the wood chips? our county tells us to come get all we want, but it sure would be nice if they would just bring the truck on by and dump it anywhere at this point.

  7. I am hoping to get in some of that Back to Eden gardening too. Still trying to convince Hubby...

    Oh, sorry to hear about the deer incident. Years ago, we hit one - went right over the top of the car. Hoof prints on the hood and all. They let us have the meat, but I can tell you it was not great. Must have been because it was running, or something. I'd have to be pretty hungry to live on that again! LOL


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