Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Goat Update

Little Sister is hanging in there and seems to be improving every day. Wish I could have gotten a picture of them all this morning, the kittens were all snuggled up with Sis and Shadow cat was laying on top of all of them. Sis is up to around 3 oz of milk a couple times a day and she's got plenty of energy in between. She's almost got her sea legs for the wood floor and is only occasionally looking like Bambi on the frozen pond ;)

Havent managed to get much done around the farm this week, the weather has been a bit nutty and Little Sister is taking up some time. I am planning on trying to get a new cheese press built (new design) and some shelves for storage and a table I can sew on.

I've got a cheese class to teach on Saturday, so far 2 students with possibly a 3rd. Lots of floor scrubbing to do before then!


  1. i am so glad that "little sister" is doing well. i sew for a living/hobby out of my bedroom. i have a huge bedroom that i took one third of for sleeping and the like, then i use up less than a third for my compputer desk and business stuff. the rest of the room i use for sewing..and a long banquet table holds my sewing machine, my serger machine. hanging off one end by the end supports are my templates and rulers. underneath the banquet table are three of those large plastic chests with drawers where i store my fabrics, threads, and notions. this all leaves me a suitable space in the middle for walking, ironing, or just sitting in my antique rocker and thinking.

  2. i am glad that Little Sister has some siblings after losing here brother...those pics are priceless MM! can't wait to hear about the new cheese press!

    your friend,

  3. i love your blog and enjoy checking in with you and seeing what you are doing. thanks for sharing the pictures. wish we had a cheese class around here.


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