Monday, December 26, 2011

Whew, another day down

One more day done with this crappy, horrible year. I'll be glad to see this one gone. Just not a good year over all.

Aw, this year did have some good parts to it, just not in a row and not enough to out weigh the rough parts.

On a good note for today, Goober cow gave me 5 quarts of milk this morning! A whole half gallon more than she normally does. I think hanging the hay bag is working out much better that throwing the hay down for her. She wastes too much that way. With the bag, she's eating all the hay instead of pushing it around, laying on it and crapping on it. It's too much work to make the hay for her to just waste it like that.

All the goats look good and I'm thinking all the does are pregnant. The 2 older girls should give me twins, Delta will be a single, Skeeter will be a single and I'm not sure about the no name nanny. So, with a little luck, in the next few weeks, I should have 7 goat kids to play with. Lucky goat will like it too, he's been hanging around with Daisy calf since I hauled Spud to the auction.

I have not made any progress in the fencing, the goat shed and enclosure, the chicken house or the goat milking stand. The "maybe next week" thing is part of the bad I hope to leave behind with the coming of the new year.

I had to have some comfort food this evening. Just in the mood for pizza. I've been working up batches of whole milk mozzarella every chance I get. It's an easy cheese to do with lots of sitting time so it allows me to get other things done while it's being made. Some days I just need to be able to walk away from the kitchen to get things done. So, mozzarella it is. Then, I end up with 4 or 5lbs of cheese in the fridge. Of course, the result is a big pizza or 2 with real cheese on it! You just can not buy a pizza that tastes like these do. home made crust (no cardboard) real tomato sauce, home dried herbs, all the yummies you can stuff on it. smothered in home made cheese. Home made pizza should be a food group!


  1. Yum, pizza! Now, I want to make cheese. I am easily inspired to do all these things I cannot do, don't have enough energy to do.

    How can you know who is giving birth to twins or singleton? Size?

  2. I hear you on this year being crappy.My hubby goes in to surgery for a bad hernia tomorrow, it just never ends.GGrrr, hopefully next year is better for all of us. OMG that pizza looks amazing! I think congress just said that pizza is a vegetable....

  3. Hey PP! Yep, my billy sires twins with those 2 does every time. Skeeter and the young doe will be first time Moms, they could have twins but I am not counting on it(they're not that big) and Delta is a half pygmy and just gives me one kid twice a year.

    LOL coley, those dumbasses would say pizza is a vegetable! The mooks prolly think meat is made in the store where no animals were harmed! Hugs and prayers for hubby and a swift recovery!

  4. Lets hope that 2012 will be a better year for you guys. And yeah, that pizza looks awesome!
    I think you should give the no name nanny a name, and I have a suggestion for one (go figure right? LOL) How bout Nona? as in NoName? Love you girl! Happy New Year from Me n Mars!!!

  5. sounds to me like you have a good headstart on the new year with all those pregnant goats! and you will have the time and the energy to get those other things done, when the weather and the timing is just right. i have been living with the rain and mud for a few weeks now...and it just plain sucks- been spending time indoors drawing up lists and plans for springtime-something we can all at least look forward to.


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