Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How'd that happen?

I know I looked a the weather radar before I went to bed. How did pouring rain end up looking like this? hahahaha That sneaky storm found some snow as it came across Mo in the early morning hours. This sure was pretty while it was falling. By noon, it was all gone. Morning chores found all the chickens still in the barn, LOL. Guess they've forgotten it's just snow.

I really like it when it snows, everything looks so clean and the whole world seems peaceful. Of course, I have to read the news and ruin it all.

The depravity of humans makes me almost ashamed to be human. Almost. I know that I am above these sick, depraved individuals. The behaviors exhibited over a stupid pair of shoes, the mob behavior over "rumors" of celebrities, the sick and cruel things people do to the helpless. Then, there's the behaviors of our own government. Not even taking into consideration the behaviors of major corporations in this country.

It chaps my butt a bit to think my own government would consider me a domestic terrorist for not being dependent on it. It does make a little sense tho, if I am a free thinker and not waiting for a hand out, I am not easy to control. But, as I see it, the government has a couple of fixes for that. Not even counting our government allowing DOW to petition to use 2,4D, an active ingredient in Agent orange, right here on farm land we as Americans will be eating from. Of course, it's to kill the super weeds that have been created by Monsantos Round up. Real nice. This is on top of the poison already being grown in the form of GMO crops. Oh, and don't forget the GMO mosquitoes about to be released down in Florida. Can you say human guinea pig?

Every aspect of life is pretty much controlled and dictated. This is something I am simply not comfortable with. Not at all. So, here it is, the big New Years resolution..... (drum roll, LOL) I vow to actively work (harder than I have before) to be out from under the corporate control of America. Off the system, not consuming a single thing produced by corporate America. No electric smart meters, no municipal water, no cheap crap made in china. I would also like to work more on helping others to become more self reliant. We'll see how it goes...


  1. I'm right there with ya! That's my resolution too.

  2. Oy...the thing that gets me is the notion that nature can be controlled. Isn't it obvious that as soon as someone thinks they've controlled it, it evolves and mutates? I'm right there with you in your frustration and resolutions. All we can do is our best, be proactive and hope that others will follow suit. Hope you have a fantastic New Year! Cheers to change and the path to self-sufficiency :-)

  3. Amen Kat. Please keep on posting, you are helping lots of us that way. You keep me motivated. This Fall I was ready to give up and become sheeple. With so many obstacles and failures it seemed hopeless. Now I am ready to fight even harder and your blog played a part in renewing my commitment.

  4. those missouri snows usually are quite lovely- at least until they turn into whiteouts! i absolutely love your new years resolutions...there are a whole lotta folks that share your sentiments exactly. i dont know that i would be able to completely go off electric grid ...well, i could and am prepared to should something happen like an emp. i would like to get my water supply and storage up to better standards. i have propane gas stove and fireplace insert that if need be i can convert back to wood should the need arise. i am waiting for my husband to go on a week long hunting/fishing trip so i can go off grid for practice. he just turned 71 yrs old and feels like if the power goes out then he will just curl up and croak. i am old enough to remember how hard life was growing up without money and the simple luxuries of electric, phone etc..but i am also young enough to do a whole lot for myself too. i have been talking up a storm with folks around these mississippi piney woods about things fixing to come upon us..the general feedback i am getting though is that i am crazy as a betsy bug and need to get a life. anyway, i am with you on those new years promises to ourselves.

  5. Monsanto scares me. There is a plant right up the road. I always wonder what they are up to when I drive by. Defy Authority!

  6. Well Kat, if you think 2011 was bad then how bad do you think the end of the world will be? We are in the 365 day countdown period after all!

    LOL. I hope that you can reach your goals, and continue to educate folks like me along the way.

    Happy New Year to you, and yours.

  7. btw, I saw this cartoon drawing showing a Mayan dude chiseling on a big,round piece of stone. The whole surface was covered with *writing*. He turns to his wife and says..."I ran out of space (on the calendar)...THAT will freak somebody out someday". LOL

  8. Don't know how in the heck you could work any harder than you already do!! You have more energy than 10 people!!!


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