Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting By

I know I've been quiet lately, I just don't have anything to say. It's just everyday life here drown in stress from outside influences. The farm is still the same, hanging on like it always does. All the crops have been harvested and preserved, the goats are closer to kidding every day and the cow and animals get milked and tended twice a day. I actually had to dump 2 gallons of milk this week, the fridge was full and I was out of containers to keep the milk in. The outside influences took up too much of my time to make cheese or butter with it.

This farm could be so much more than it is. It's difficult to sit here every day knowing it could be so much more and not being able to do anything about it. As each week passes, all one can do is say "well, maybe next week". It's frustrating when your efforts are drained to outside influences. Just simply sustaining, hanging on, isn't enough some days.

Here we are, fast approaching Christmas day and it will pass here quietly, with hardly a whimper. I hope everyone out there has a joyous day filled with love and sharing.

I found something I am very interested in and will be doing what I can to be a part of it. There's a "camp" not far from me I'm considering participating in. It's basically a self sustained community with individual cabins, a couple of ponds and ground to keep critters on. It's new and in the works. Christian preppers Campsite. I will be writing more on this in the coming days.


  1. You do know that you'll be considered a "terrorist" if you join that camp, right? Although, I suppose we're already considered that.

  2. I know the frustrations from outside can make it really hard some days. Hang in there, you are not alone.

  3. Sounds interesting. I understand your frustrations. Hopefully things will get better soon.

  4. know what you mean i think about outside influences..been dealing with some of those all week myself...all my husband and i wanted for this weekend was a quiet, peaceful time alone together instead of the chaos and high expectations of others. well, darned if we have to leave home and the state just to get what we want....sometimes, those outside influences of ours just dont wanna take NO for an answer-they just keep pushing. i had a great uncle who was a real live hermit living on an island all by himself after the gov. made the island a refuge for wildlife. the island was twenty miles off the coast of massachusetts. he passed away several years ago, and the old homestead is no longer there. i am still thinking and dreaming of building a two or three room shack with a potbelly stove and a outhouse back in the woods behind my house...i can very easily become a hermit myself especially since it seems to run in the family. a friend of mine sent me an article to read about obama and the epa making power/electricity costs go up drastically...and it made me think that maybe a emp would not be so bad that of course is just my frustration with the govt talking, but ya know, it is a strong possibility that alot of us self reliant folks would in fact be ready and relieved too. just saying. i sincerely hope from the deepest part of my heart that you have a peaceful and happy christmas and a prosperous new year to come. from:n.e.mississippi

  5. I hope you have a peaceful and restful Christmas. That's what I'm hoping for and it's what I hope for you, too. May 2012 be wonderful for you!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. You will have an extra expense at the campsite when you rent your site. I think everyone experiences being down at this dark, cold time of the year, hence the traditions of Christmas--fire, light, greenery indoors, songs, strong drink, and company of others.

    There will be loads of rules in that camp. Somehow, I would never picture your putting yourself into that kind of environment.

    Can you feed the milk to your animals or give it away to others who need it? Maybe you could advertise and sell it. My hens love milk, even sour milk. I hate to waste food.

    Good luck in whatever you do. Spring will make us all feel more optimistic, lol...I hope that for me, anyway! I have had some soggy muddy days, so I can commiserate with your predicament over the last few weeks.

  7. I too get all worked up about wasted hay, standing over calves making sure they swallow it all. We don't raise our own but we are certified organic and at that price I practically bring the leftovers inside to sleep on ourselves!


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