Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad Night

Wow, did I ever have a bad night. I have had trouble with some of my teeth since I got whacked in the face by the rooster and it seems like stress triggers flare ups of swelling and severe pain. So, I did not do any sleeping. Morning chores were a blur. Goober cow refused to let her milk down and I just managed to coax a quart of milk from a cow that normally gives a gallon a milking. She does this same thing to me about once a week. Tonite, her bag will be full to bursting and I will get all the milk. Daisy calf went over the pitiful field fence and was running around in the pouring rain so in the new barn she went, loose in the barn isle since I still havent managed to sell enough straw to get the stalls opened up. She's actually behaving rather well and leaving the hay alone. Of course, there's the land mines she leaves for me to not step in. The extra clean up work isn't a burden tho.

My stress is not coming from the farm or the holidays but the source affects both for me which is why it's so stressful. It's something I'm not in a position to eliminate which only causes even more stress. Which, in turn, makes it harder for me to keep a happy farm. ARG, sometimes there's just no way to get out from under the rock because it just leaves you in the hard place.

The urge to do anything around here just isn't there lately. The constant mud and slop doesn't help the attitude/mood much either. I feel kind of burned out. I miss the sunshine!

I had to teach a wayward dog a hard lesson this morning. Whos dog it is, I havent a clue. I've not seen this dog before and he ripped up a few of my rabbit cages(pretty much beyond repair too), killed 9 rabbits and turned another 5 loose. I have yet to catch any of the loose rabbits and if I don't get them caught in the next day or so, the coyotes will kill them so I might as well write it off as a loss of 14. That's a good amount of meat I just lost from one ignorant dog owners neglect. In just a couple of minutes, that dog wiped out 3 months worth of work raising rabbits and around $150 in property damage. Just add it to the list of what I can't fix around here.

Yep, the bad night has turned into a bad day...


  1. ugh! I too have a bad dog neighbor. Doesn't matter how many of his dogs get shot, he keeps getting more and letting them run around.

    Feel better soon.

  2. You may have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, you need sunshine. Light will do in any form, so I keep lots of lights on in the room I am in. Winter makes me lethargic. I have few ambitions.

    I know it is not your job to provide super-protection cages, but would stronger wire help? My friend cannot understand why "chicken wire" is not meant to protect chickens from mean dogs and vicious raccoons. His constant question is "Then, why is it called 'chicken wire?'" I will have to relay your story to him because he thinks I am nuts and wrong.

    Is this the whack in the jaw you got several months ago?

    Did you teach the dog a permanent lesson, like he cannot return? Hope so.

  3. I'm so sorry you lost your rabbits, such a frustrating and unnecessary loss. Hope things turn around soon.

  4. That killer dog pisses ME off and Ize about 300 miles away! Perhaps you can trap the bunnies? When I read your post, I (somehow) thought of the phases of the moon, and the moon goes dark every month. Could it be time for Kat to go dark? I dunno, but I am sure you will endeavor to persevere, and whip this.


  5. Sorry to hear about the rabbits. Let's hope 2012 is a better year!! (At least lets hope so.)

  6. lord have mercy you have had a rotten week. bad things seem to happen in twos and threes like deaths/funerals...and close together, so maybe you're on your way to a better luck.nothing worse than an achey jaw/teeth. get a moist hot pack on there and take something to help you sleep. just about anything looks better in the sunshine. we are rainy for the next three days so i know how you feel about the mud and dreary gray skies. looks like when you get around to re-making your bunny cages you might try building them higher and use hardware cloth-it is just as cheap as chicken wire, can be bought in different gages and a lot stronger than chicken wire too! this is what we put all along our house foundation to keep out the skunks, squirrels, and armadillos. works real good and it even keeps my two sharpeis out as well. in the meantime, turn on the lights and bake something that smells like christmas is will help lift your sore spirits.

  7. Sorry to hear about the rabbits. But you really can't blame the dog, he is just doing what mother nature intended for him to do. It is just us humans who want to tame his behavior, too bad we can't change his owners selfish behavior, like with a big stick upside the head.HA


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