Sunday, December 4, 2011

ARG, raining again!

All we got was 3 days of partly sunny and the ground was just starting to firm up. Now, it's raining again! Well, it is that time of year I guess. Doesn't make me like it anymore tho.

I have been working on a couple things around here, I'm about done with the little chicken house I will be putting my banty chickens in. I hate it's raining on it, again, without it being painted. But, none can only do what they can do. Maybe I can get it finished next week.

The Goober cow kicked me during milking last night. She raked my hip with her hoof, it hurts. I wont be running any marathons anytime soon.

Something I read this morning I thought was kind of, hmmm, mixed feelings on it I guess. Parents can rent toys. I remember when my kids were little and they'd beg and throw fits for the latest toy the saw on TV (damn that cartoon network). Sometimes I could afford to indulge them, sometimes not. Both my kids are grown now with a closet full of those toys they just can't bring themselves to throw away, even if they're broken. I also remember several toys they "just had to have" that they soon discarded, never to play with again. I see being able to "rent" a toy kind of neat in case you child decides they really don't like the toy but I also see it as a way to continue the trend of over indulging our children and a continuance of our consumerism mindset. Renting movies or checking books out from the library is not the same as renting a toy. What do you all think about it?


  1. Renting toys kind of sounds like credit cards, it costs to use them once you start.Checking out books can help build knowledge. Instead of renting toys maybe we should be encouraging the kids to earn them which can help bring about a better mindset of working for what you want. If it is for Christmas or a birthday then limit the toys to what the kid wants most.

  2. lol, renting toys? i dont think i like that idea...with kids it would sorta be like rent to own especially if it got broken. when my son was three years old and xmas was coming up, we took him to toys r us to sorta get an idean of what he might like to the time we made it to the middle of the store he piped up and said "dammit, all i want is a nintendo and two games". well, guess what. this mama listens well to her child. that is exactly what he got and nothing else. he was the happiest child for a very long time afterwards too. that was thirty years ago. i was the kind of kid who saved up the cereal box tops and gum wrappers and picked up stray soda bottles for the deposits..just so i could order my own toy. back in the day, some kids favorite toy/pastime was playing with a large cardboard box.... guess i sound like a grinch in todays world.. i have been quite productive this past week. been making homemade hair curlers from scraps and fiber fill..ended up with making 74..that is (lol) 74 buttonholes! now i gotta come up with ideas for packaging, pricing and marketing. it is not raining here yet, but i can smell it coming. i like the idea of kids being entertained with books...mama used to let me check out lots of books each week from the library. when it was bad weather for awhile, i can remember us four kids sitting in a row on the sofa reading the encyclopedias to each other.

  3. There are libraries where you can check out toys. I would not like that in a book library since the object would always be to find a toy instead of a book.

  4. Cardboard box....that is what I was thinking about as I was reading all of this.... now matter what you give the kid, they toss it aside and play with the box!

    I don't think renting toys is a good idea at all, for many, many reasons. For one thing, I would hate to be a kid, open my gifts up on Christmas morning, get all excited, then hear, "Enjoy them now, they will have to go back soon." Ugh! That would be horrible! As someone that has a shop at our local flea market, I can tell you that, for $24.99, you can get a lot more than 4 really good, nice toys at those flea markets and never have to send them back.
    I think that something like a quarterly (or reasonable time frame) Toy Swap would be a good idea. Each child (or parent) could set a price on their toys and then trade for toys of equal value, periodically, to break up the boredom of their current toys. Then they are theirs to keep forever or swap again at the next Toy Swap.

    Rain.... I can't believe that after such a heavy, record-breaking drought, I am getting tired of rain. I empathize with you. It has rained here 2 of the last 3 days, with more rain (and... eeek .... snow) moving in tonight and all day tomorrow. Not ready for snow.


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